Espace '01 2.2dCi 'Imobiliser' - Nick Espace

The last few days when I try to start my Espace in the morning, 2.2dCi 2001 it accpets the key, radio/dash lights up engine cranks but the imobiliser on the dash LED flashes. So won't let me start. No warning lights etc. The OK symbol appears as normal.

Trying the spare key doesn't change anything.

After 5mins of taking the keyin/out it works !

At lunch, 4pm or evening it's fine.

Weird problem. Thought maybe a battery that charges from the ngine may be draining overnight ?

I'm goin to replace the key fob batteries just in case.

Any thoughts ????????


Espace '01 2.2dCi 'Imobiliser' - Collos25
I have had the receiver go on a laguna changed at extreme expense and dealer I know cannot get a Vel Satis to go with the same problem he told me if he changes anymore bits he will have to reregister it as a different car.

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