Supermarket parking - Marman
I always park my car as far as possible away from others on supermarket car parks as people opening doors into my car is something I can do without and trying to push trolleys between the cars is an added hazard to my paintwork. Last Monday stacks of empty space on the car park, I parked about as far away from the main door as possible, there was no car within a hundred yards of me. I did my shopping went back to the car and what did I see ? a car parked right next to mine, but what made it worse, he/she parked so close I had to drive out of the space so my wife could get in the passenger door, once again tons of empty spaces around me, I just wish I had my camera in the car it would have made a lovely shot!
Re: Supermarket parking - The investigator
I have noticed this many times ,I have said to my wive I will park in furthest corner completely alone and when we return I will gaurentee a car is parked by us and it is normally so.Fear of being alone I do not no or the pack syndrome
Re: Supermarket parking - Growlette
Oh, baby, do I know about this one. How about yesterday, I park my car in a nice secluded bay just like you. When I get back some lunkhead has parked next to me and is forcing his door against mine to get in. Then he tells me sorry but I didn't leave him much room! I tell him maybe he should consider again that brain job his wife's been beating on about.
Re: Supermarket parking - ian (cape town)
It's a standard...
My car has a HIGHLY visible baby seat in the back (but no stupid 'baby on board' sticker, I must stress!)
However, every bonehead who parks next to me, wherever, always parks so close that it impossible to open the door wide enough to get the sprog in!
Re: Supermarket parking - Tomo
None of this is helped by the miniscule parking places, in Tesco's anyway; my beef is you don't get a space near the door if you're just old and never did walk anywhere, but not clinically disabled; but I suppose some idle 20 year old would be in it anyway!
Re: Supermarket parking - T.G.Webb
Here in N Ireland, as across the water and probably elsewhere, we have the artists who:

display miraculous powers of recovery on exiting their car in the disabled section

are concerned for their car's bodywork to the point of parking on the dividing line so that 2 bays are occupied
Re: Supermarket parking - phil ireland
In Dudley M.B. multi storey parks parking outside the marked bay will collect fixed penalty ticket (used to be £30. probably dearer now.) Warden used to take polaroid of car and bay. Occasional screams in local paper from strangers in town who had not seen warning signs. (possible defective eyesight??)
Re: Supermarket parking - Ian Cook
Graham and Jonathan

You are technically right about reversing in, but the reason I drive into tosspot's (sorry, Tesco's) parking spaces forwards is that I can get at the boot (if I'm using the Xantia) or the back doors (if I'm using the van) in order to load the shopping.

As regards parking accuracy etc. - yes it annoys me, but it will always be like it. For every person you could get hold of and strangle until he/she gets it right, there are another 50 laughing at you for worrying about trivia.

When I can, I usually take the van - I get a bit more "elbow room" that way.

Re: Supermarket parking - Honest John
I think all supermarket parking bays should be angled for easy drive in and reverse out. Can't understand why they are always at right angles to the access roads.

HJ for Mayor - Big Vern
Give this man a position on the council!!! A great piece of latteral thinking!!
Re: Supermarket parking - Neil
Sainsbury's in Drayton, Portsmouth has this.
Re: Supermarket parking - Tomo
That could well be much better for the users, but if you doodle on a piece of paper, I think you will find that more room is needed to keep the same width of access road. Extra room could provide spaces adequate for more than a Smart, too, but it costs. How many would pay more at the till or as a parking fee, rather than go somewhere else, worse though the parking might be?

Re: Supermarket parking - James
Surely not, because less turning space is required (so access road can be narrower).
Re: Supermarket parking - Tomo
I think if you get some dominoes or the like, representing parking spaces, and arrange them in the usual way and then angled, you'll get less in the same area.

If that is wrong, then indeed things should be changed.
Re: Supermarket parking - Jonathan
Like this?

Current situation:

| | | | | | | | | | |

Proposed :

\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \

The benefit of having it like this is the driving lanes can be narrower and the parkign spaces are not as long. The spaces can then be slightly wider allowing more room to open the doors. Also it is almost impossible to reverse park in.

As an advanced driver it is a well known fact that if you are shopping you should drive into a space (to allow easy access to the boot) and if not shopping then the best way is to reverse in. This will also allow one way lanes in between the parking, and therefore narrower lanes. as no overtaking or passing is required.

Re: Supermarket parking - Graham
But shirley it is safer to reverse in. I can never understand why most people drive into the space, shunting backwards and forwards. Then reverse out into the lane when they cannot see what or who's coming. It must be safer and a lot easier to pass the space see that it is clear and then reverse in with one swift movement. The amount of times someone has got close to running my kids over is frightening.

Begs the question about why car pars don't have pavements in the. But I think we all know the answer to that one. Profit before safety.
Re: Supermarket parking - Simon Butterworth
If the rows are at right angles to each other reversing in gives you a snowballs chance of getting out again when some a**hole too lazy to find a proper space makes one on the end of the line swiping the manouevering space.

Fancy blue Merc, upper level Northampton rail station you know who you are!!!
Re: Supermarket parking - The Real Bogush
Sloping parking bays can save a lot of room depending on the geometry of the car park.

If I remember correctly with right angled parking bays you need a 20ft roadway, but only a 14ft one with diagonal parking bays.

However, with small car parks, or short rows, you lose more than you gain due to the bays being "longer" and dead space at the ends. Imagine a two bay car park: if you slope the bays you immediately halve the number of bays.

For anyone thinking that, as well as the cops getting younger, the bays are getting smaller: a standard bay used to be 8x16ft if memory serves.
Re: Supermarket parking - Cockle
Our local Asda did the logical thing of trying to seperate traffic and pedestrians by having a pavement area between rows, theory obviously being you could reverse in to the bays and reach the boot from the safety of the paved area. Nobody uses them though as some bright spark planted trees in the middle of the pavements, presumably to try and make the car park look pretty, and has now rendered them totally useless to anyone with a trolley as it won't pass between the bumpers of the parked cars and the trees, DOH!!!!
Result is that the carpark is now chaos with trolleys and people everywhere but on the pavements. I bet if I went down there with a chain-saw there'd be an eco-warrior up every tree within five minutes though!!
Re: Supermarket parking - Pete W
Shop on-line ?
Re: Supermarket parking - Phil Goodacre
Ian said . Regretably it is this group whose attitude requires changing. There is an inevitability about car park dings because, as with so many other things, we put up with it. I have often had the urge (no jumping to conclusions now) to retaliate in kind when my car has been the victim of some inconsiderate but so far have managed to restrict myself to a stern chat with said idiot. Some of the comments from these creatures is absolutely breathtaking day!

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