Ford Transit 100 T260 - lack of power - transitdude

I have a Ford Transit 100 T260. It has the 100bhp 2L Duratec Turbo Di diesel engine. The performance is causing me concern at the moment.

At 70mph its gutless although if you put your foot own you can hear the turbo trying hard. Following the same van which has the lower powered 85bhp unit they leave me for dead at 70mph... it just won't go.

Sometimes it accelerates at lower speed through the rev range impressively and then the next minute it runs out of steam shortly after the turbo gives a bit of boost. Totally upredictable!

It's just undergone a big service, changing oil, fuel, airfiler (clogged worse than I've ever seen one!) and this has made no different to performance :-(.

Fuel economy seems fine and it doesn't kickout smoke (that I can see) or missfire. There are no error lights present on the dash.

Anyone have any ideas what might be wrong with my van?

Ford Transit 100 T260 - lack of power - stuartl
Air mass meter? The bain of most TD engines....
Some take more kindly to cleaning than others.

Ask Honest John

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