lost car - claire21
How can i find a 1930 car that is not on the DVLA motor base if i have its registration number. It begins UW then 2 numbers.

lost car - IanJohnson
Owners club, or personal ad in the Times!

If not on DVLA database then probably not taxed for some time and hence number no longer valid!
lost car - Wally Zebon
or personal ad in the Times!

Why the Times? I don't know of anyone who reads it.

lost car - martint123
Why the Times? I don't know of anyone who reads it.

You don't know anyone rich enough to own a LLNN 1930's car at a guess then??
lost car - bell boy
shouldnt the butler be doing these tasks :-(
lost car - cheddar
Perhaps she is the butler.

A call to the DVLA will actertain whether the number is in use (perhaps on a different car), whether it is on a sorned car (perhaps the car in question) or whether it has been removed from the register.

However if putting the number and the make in here......


.......... does not bring anything up the car must have been scrapped or the number transferred from it many, many years ago. For instance if put a 1976 motorcycle I had in there it states the date of liability as being 1982.

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