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Hi, I went out to my Scudo Van this morning and it won't start. For a while now the engine has been sounding more "ticky", especially with the windows open going past houses in built up areas. I took it to my mechanic a month or so ago and he said there is nothing wrong with it and doesnt know what it might be. Now it wont start. The engine is cool, it is turning over when I turn the key but not firing. I have checked for loose connections, don't really know what I am doing as I am a girl! I have looked on other websites for basic stuff though, I am not stupid (or blonde!) the van has diesel in. Please Help!
Fiat Scudo JTD 1.9, W Reg wont start - piston power
first lets start with a few basics there is oil,fuel,water in yes? if so try giveing pre-heat ie turn the key so the glow light comes on then turn off then back on about 4 times, then go to start, if no start you need to check if there is voltage to the glow plug lead with a 12volt light you can use a mulitmeter but a light is better to see how bright the bulb lights up, if thats ok remove the glow plugs and heat them for about 3 secs from the battery to see if they glow if all ok its the fuel side, enough for now i no its a bit winded but this is a basic check, please keep informed so we can help. thanks
Fiat Scudo JTD 1.9, W Reg wont start - markverdon1
When any diesel engine does not start 99% of the time the fault is worn out engine pre-heat glow plugs.
An easy way to check if this is the likely cause is to turn the engine over in the normal way to try and start it (and keep on turning it), if you have white smoke coming out the exhaust then there is fuel getting through to the engine it just isn't igniting.
If you do not have smoke then there is no fuel and the fault is then likely to be related to a fuel cut-off problem.
If you have smoke then change the glow plugs. If you don't have smoke get back to me.

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