Clutch life on a 97 Mondeo - John Wall
I have a 97R Mondeo with a 1.8 Zetec engine.
Its currently got about 31K on the clock and I wonder does anyone have any idea how long the clutch is likely to last (so I can start saving...)
The car is used mostly for urban journeys but with good motorway stretches about once a month.
Re: Clutch life on a 97 Mondeo - honest john
With mostly motorway use, you should ger 120,000 miles out of it.

Re: Clutch life on a 97 Mondeo - Alvin Booth
Not the same car as yours.. But my wife had a 1200 Nova which we had from new. When it was sold a couple of years ago it had 120,000 on the clock and the clutch was showiing no wear at all.
They must be doing someting better with them from years ago when it used to be a fairly common replacement.
However I think that low revs when starting off is the clutches best friend.
The same Nova is still in town owned by a young lad. Plastered with transfers and racing stickers it never appears to be revving less than 5000rpm when I see it. My wife always moans.....oh look how he's treating my poor little Nova.


Alvin Booth
Re: Clutch life on a 97 Mondeo - ian white
I have a 2.0 ghia x 97 mondeo with 90,000 miles and no sign of clutch wear. Depends how you drive it - my VW golf II GTI (8v) did 150,000+ miles on the original clutch - despite extensive engine and suspension mods that gave it around 135 to 140 bhp. Use of Mobil 1 oil meant no sign of cam wear at 125,000 mile either!

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