mazda6 fuel and oil consumption - Tally
I have a June 2006 Mazda6 2.0 5 door which has now done 3000 miles and i have had to top up my oil with .5l already also i cant get more than 26 mpg according to my trip computer is this right ,also at low speeds its sounds a bit throaty as though the exhaust is blowing a bit ith has done this since i bought it but it seems to me a bit haevy on the juice,has anyone else got the same problem or is mine a rogue?
mazda6 fuel and oil consumption - Dynamic Dave
Not uncommon for an engine to use a drop of oil whilst still low mileage. The tollerances are still tight, but once you've done a few miles, it should settle down. Can't explain the exact science, but the tight tollerances can affect the oil consumption.

Don't rely on the trip computer for mpg calculation - brim the tank, reset the trip, then brim the tank again when you next fill up and get your pocket calulator out to work out the mpg accurately.
mazda6 fuel and oil consumption - Aprilia
Using about a pint in 3000 miles is not too bad - not something to worry about. It will probably settle down now its run in.
Agree with the comment about trip computers - they are not always accurate!
mazda6 fuel and oil consumption - J1mbo
You may have seen my thread asking the same question. I have used about 1.5l and mine has done almost 5000 miles. I have the 2.3, I get around 250 miles from a tank, mostly town driving. I have done more A roads of late and might get about 300 miles. I use Optimax.


mazda6 fuel and oil consumption - quizman
>>>>>I get around 250 miles from a tank.

I have just remembered why I like my Passat diesel so much, 550 miles per tank on local runs and at least 625 miles on longer trips.

With fuel consumption and performence so good on most diesels, I cannot understand why anyone would want to run a Prius or the Lexus that "call me Dave" drives.
mazda6 fuel and oil consumption - jc2
Most Prius owners just ignore the vast amounts of pollution caused by the manufacture of large lead/acid batteries and the further pollution caused by their disposal.
mazda6 fuel and oil consumption - MikeTorque
Ditch it and get a TDCi or similar, you'll get double the economy you're getting at the moment.
mazda6 fuel and oil consumption - Tally
I looked at a Mondeo 2.0 tcdi before i bought this car but i liked the extras i got for my money, the wife hates the Mazda6,(I love it) so the question is how much could i get for a mazda6 June 2006 2.0 TS2 5 door 3000 miles silver contrail

Cheers Tally
mazda6 fuel and oil consumption - MikeTorque
Pop along to your Ford dealer and he'll provide you with a cost to change price. You should get a top book price with only 3k on the clock.

If you haven't already test driven the Mondeo 2.0 TDCi then by all means do so. Choose the Mondeo spec you'd like (or 2 or 3 specs if you like), and I'd recommend test driving at least one of each of the Zetec and LX/Ghia as the springs are slightly firmer on the Zetec and as a result the driving/ride experience is slightly different.

The main thing is if you are not completely happy with the car you currently have then by all means consider changing it to one you and your wife both like and will enjoy driving.

I was once in a similar situation to yourself and decided to take the one off financial hit and learnt from the experienced. I then kept the new car for 12 years before selling it to my next door neighbour for a few hundred, he was well pleased with it, FSH the lot.

If you do change, any chance you could choose a nicer colour that silver, please, pretty please, metalic blue, red, something to brighten up the world on a grey winters morning.
mazda6 fuel and oil consumption - SteVee
My 2005 1.8 Mazda6 returns 32MPG overall - and upto 40MPG on a long run. Getting 450 miles/tank is pretty easy. The car does a mix of short and long journeys.
It uses a little oil - about half litre between services.
My wife doesn't like the 6 either - it's too big. A mondeo wouldn't solve that problem at all !

I would have thought it was much easier to solve the problems on the 6 rather than trade it.
The loss of value on the trade would buy a considerable amount of fuel
mazda6 fuel and oil consumption - Greg R
"its sounds a bit throaty as though the exhaust is blowing a bit ith has done this since i bought it"

I bought my scooter in 2003 and it does sounds a little 'throaty' through the exhaust. I just thought this was ok. A character of the bike, and shows strength. I hope I'm right!
mazda6 fuel and oil consumption - malcolmg
I have had two premacy's one 1.8 and my current one 2litre, never put any oil in it and I check weekly, i dont consider .5 of a litre too much in 3000miles though. There have been threads on here about VAG using a lot more oil than you are using. Trip computers, especially in my Punto are not accurate. I know it may seem daft to have a Mazda and Fiat, but I use the Punto for work and in two Punto,s and 56000miles very little has gone wrong. Cheapest car over 1200cc gets me best mileage allowance, that was my reason for getting them, and I am not disapointed.

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