Frog-eye Scorpio immobiliser - cumfray1
How can a friend of mine go about re-mobilising his Scorpio without the key-fob? He changed the car battery & the immobiliser came on & without the key-fob, it wont start. Any help appreciated
Frog-eye Scorpio immobiliser - bell boy
the key chip according to autodata is seperate to the central locking as i read it......
if it was my car i would try a negative battery terminal off again and reconected .............
(key in pocket in case doors self lock mind)
Frog-eye Scorpio immobiliser - jc2
Or window open.
Frog-eye Scorpio immobiliser - daughters_with_cars
You should look at . This is an excellent site dedicated to the Scorpio and packed with loads of technical stuff. Not saying it has the answer to your question but it certainly has stuff on there you won;t find in the user manuals.

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