Flashing warning light - Ford Mondeo - vico
I have Mondeo 1800 on N plate, yesterday a flashing thing started on the dash board. I do not have an owner manual so cant look it up.
It is orange, with what looks like someone in a car seat, with the airbag infront of them...i can tell by this is as sth to to with the airbagb but what exactly, the flashing is bothering me now thanks

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Help PLease - mss1tw
Probably an airbag connector under one of the seats has come loose, does it flash all the time?
Help PLease - vico
yep about every 5 seconds.
Help PLease - henry k
Probably an airbag connector under one of the seats has come loose,
does it flash all the time?

or four flashes, pause four flashes?
Help PLease - mss1tw
I was told this was due to the copper 'tape' used to keep the airbag connected to power, breaking.
Help PLease - vico
It flashes once then stops for about 4-5 secs then once again.
Will go under the seats, both front seats.?
Help PLease - John S
This light is a warning that there is a fault somewhere in the elctronics or wiring of the airbag system. The system does a self-check every time the ignition is switched on. You can use the car, but it means the airbag system may not activate in an accident. Many cars have systems that detect seat occupancy so airbags don't activate unnecesarily. This needs wiring under the seats, and this can be disturbed by the shoes of the rear seat pasengers. As has been indicated this is a good starting point for getting rid of the problem.

Help PLease - jacks
Bear in mind that - even if you find a that a connector has worked loose as described above and refit the connector, the airbag warning light (occupancy sensor) may continue to flash and may need to be reset by a garage that has the necessary kit. I've no Mondeo experience but on other cars I've owned I've had this problem and the occupancy sensor did need to be reset..

Help PLease - Screwloose

One flash indicates a problem with the driver's airbag circuit. This could indeed be a problem with the [ "copper strip?] spiral cable, fitted behind the steering wheel, that connects that bag to the system. Airbags can be dangerous to the uninitiated; so take it to a competant person for a definitive diagnosis and repair.
Help PLease - vico
Screwloose. Can this not be done at home, is there no way i can check it myself?
Help PLease - Screwloose

Realistically - no. Removing and testing the spiral cable unit involves disarming the whole airbag system; then removing... the column shrouds, the driver's airbag, the steering wheel, the spiral cable's cassette and then securing and continuity testing - using appropriate equipment and knowledge - the actual cassette. Airbags can - and have - killed experienced techs; sorry, but they're no place to learn from your mistakes.
Help PLease - vico
so i shouldnt attempt it then eh? If left could the bag just go off at any time?
Help PLease - mss1tw
so i shouldnt attempt it then eh? If left could the
bag just go off at any time?

Don't think the bag will go off at all now.
Help PLease - vico
Good, just had the clutch and hydrolic stuff done cost a fortune, more than the car really. And even tho I am a woman driver i dont think i will need it, how can i stop the thing flasing then, will drive me mad, is there a fuse in there somewhere?
Help PLease - mss1tw
Only real answer is to take the bulb out I'm afraid!

I would check under both seats that the yellow connecters are still OK. Maybe even unplug and reconnect them. On my N reg Fiesta though I did this and it made no difference, I just ignored the light.
Help PLease - vico
and then if all else fails a piece of black tape will do the job just fine lol.
Thanks Babe

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