'93 jeep cherokee electrical glitch - airwheel
I am being driven nuts by my previously mega-reliable 4.0L ltd auto cherokee (75000). The engine took to just stopping whilst driving (annoying and dangerous) and finally traced this to the Crank Position Sensor. I had this replaced but now, though, it and not me decides whether it starts or not. Once running it goes just fine (no stopping like before). When it chooses to start it just fires up at first crank - if not then nothing will make it fire.

The ''experts'' that have looked so far say 'electrical' but can find nothing wrong.

I reckon it is another sensor playing up. Any ideas out there?

'93 jeep cherokee electrical glitch - bell boy
isnt this the model where the immobilisor circuit cooks under the dash due to the heat through the screen and a strategically placed bit of baco-foil cures it?
sure i read this on preloved
'93 jeep cherokee electrical glitch - airwheel
I've not heard about that before, but the car has been undercover for most of its life and all of the last eight months. Could previous heat have affected it?

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