A Class Recall - Cheeky
Anyone shed any light on the compulsory A CLass Recall affecting 05 plate models? My car is in France for the next few months, although it will be back for servicing, and MB won't shed any light until it is inspected.

A Class Recall - rjr
I would expect the letter to explain briefly what the issue is - it should definitely contain a reference number for you to quote when contacting the workshop. If you know what it is then I can find out for you.
A Class Recall - Cheeky
Thanks. No reference number on letter, however, the reference is listed as 'Recall - Preston'. Preston was where the car was originally bought and registered. If you could find out any more details, I'd be very grateful.
A Class Recall - Altea Ego
Appears to be nothing on here

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A Class Recall - rjr
Without the reference number it is difficult to say precisely what the issue is. However, I don't believe that there is a full 'Safety Recall' on the A-Class.

MB has 3 different types of recall/service measures:

i) Safety Recall - these are issued in conjunction with VOSA as the problem may be dangerous (i.e brakes, seatbelts etc).
ii) Service Measure (with customer contact) - a problem which is not dangerous but needs to be checked as early as convenient.
iii) Service Measure (without customer contact) - minor issues that can be checked when the car is brought in for a service.

MB has issued a Service Measure (with customer contact) recently on the A-Class to inspect the fuel house to ensure that it is not touching the air filter housing as this may cause a buzzing sound. Presumably this is the one the letter is referring to.

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