Wishbone bushes - Edinburgh andy
My previos car- MRK11 Astra 1.8 cdi went for 125k and 12 years with the origional wishbone bushes.

I had a wishbone bush replaced on my my Pug 106 yesterday. It wasnt the origional wishbone - the origionals were replaced after 9 years and 68k.

However the one that had been replaced yesterday was only 2.5 years and had done 45k. Is this a fairly typical millage on wisbone bushes???? these days and aslo what is the biggest factor - other than the quality of the component- which determins how long these bushes last last for eg what type of driving and roads are detrimental to the life of these buses.


Wishbone bushes - bell boy
didnt know you could buy wishbone bushes for the 106 ive done balljoints(saxo) but always replaced the arms if a bush was perished as the rest of the bits would be worn anyway and to do a complete bottom arm if you can get the balljoint in the hole is less than an hour all in job done.
or do you mean the balljoint?if you do then the last one i did wouldnt stay tight on the splines as i reckoned it had one changed before, it was dangerous as it tipped in its hole,thankfully it happened to me after a test drive
Wishbone bushes - Hamsafar
Speed humps and other obstacles?
Wishbone bushes - DP
Some cars, such as mk4 Fiestas seem to need them replacing every 2 years or so.

I think it's a combination of factors, but poor road surfaces and speed ramps have to play a part. Both have become far more common in recent years.

And of course, the component quality on some cars leaves a little to be desired.

Wishbone bushes - martint123
Tightening up the bolts with the wheel drooping will put a lot of strain on the bushes when the car is sat on its wheels and in normal use.

Wishbone bushes - Edinburgh andy
Sorry i meant to say it was the the full wisbone was replaced. It was the ruber bush that was perished.

Wishbone bushes - bell boy
hi Edinburgh andy you probably had fitted a replacement arm rather than a dealer one,usually dealer ones are better but at much greater cost..
probably with hindsight originals may be best but with the state of todays roads probably not?
money choices............
hope they fitted a new balljoint bolt as they are a one shot job
Wishbone bushes - madf
106 wishbones /bushes/balljoints are fragile. Ours has had two on offside in 44k miles... Ex motor factor complete with balljoints and bushes..
Wishbone bushes - Edinburgh andy
Hi there,

Yep i had a ball joint fitted as well. It was the nearside that was worn.

The wishbone that had just been replaced was around 45 pounds im not sure if thats would be more like a manufactures or motor factors price.



Wishbone bushes - big_pun
i bought two wishbones from a local motor factor for around £12 each for a cavalier a couple of months back.
Wishbone bushes - autumnboy
The 206 is the same, need replacing every 15/24 months, yet my ZX is ten years old with 172k with as you say its original bushes. But these are a different design.

The Mk 5 Escorts had the same fault.
Wishbone bushes - jayvee
yep mk5 escort wishbones need doing every 12mths on mine, thats west yorkshire roads for ya, the cobbles are wearing through!!
Wishbone bushes - DP
It's a problem a lot of Fords suffer from.

My old Sierra used to munch through a set of TCA bushes every 15k or so. Doubly irritating because it would throw the tracking out and start wrecking the front tyres.

This was such a common problem that many aftermarket parts were a completely different design. These were good for about 30k!


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