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Not sure if anyone will know this, I have just swapped by Pug 407 for a Saab 9-3 Linear, On my Pug it would auto lock after 10 mph, I found this really usefull as alot of the time i have a laptop / Phone in the car as i'm a Rep, I have been in my collegues Saab today that this does happen, but on mine it doesnt, they are both the same year the only difference is the mine is the 150 TID and his is the 120 TID.

Is this something that you can do manually if available, on the Pug you just held the central locking button down.

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Saab 9-3 Anti Hijac - TheOilBurner
It should say in the manual.

It could well be the same as the Vectra. In that, each key is set with the instructions to auto-lock or not.

The programming sequence is: sitting in car, hold key remote lock button and press drivers door lock/unlock button (not the door plunger, but the electronic button on the door) and hold until car beeps. Do again to de-activate the system.

You can also do the same procedure using the remote unlock button to turn on/off the two-stage central locking (i.e. drivers first and then others, or all at once).

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It could well be the same as the Vectra.

If it is, then it could also depend on the year it was made. Mine is a Jan 2004 Vectra and the above "trick" cannot be done by the owner. It has to be done via a Tech2 ecu reader. From mid to late 2004 onwards, it was possible to be done as above.

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