TomTom Traffic - smokie
Does anyone use this service, if so is it any good?

Does the TT automtically re-route you (like my SmartNav does) or do you have to spot that there is traffic on your route and manually re-route to avoid that section?

Presumably it's tied to the phone number not the TomTom device, so (now that I have TomTom 700 and TomTom on a PDA) could I use the same phone with both on just one subscription?

TomTom Traffic - psi
I use it, previously on my tomtom ONE, now my 910, it is linked to the device code "ABCDE FGHIJK", not phone number, you can only use it on one device at a time.

The route is automatically recalculated to avoid long delays. It costs me a small fortune in GPRS data charges and can sometimes fail to update.

it is useful, although it is sometimes not fast enough, like sending me on to the A3 southbound were I was confronted with a 1 1/2 hour traffic jam due to an accident.

I would wait until they release the TMC-RDS add-on if your tomtom supports it, no data charges, and no annual subscription.
TomTom Traffic - Adam {P}
What do you think of the 910 PSI?

And what do you think of traffic Smokie?
TomTom Traffic - psi
the 910 is not worth the money imho. it crashes a lot when playing MP3 "an error occured during playback" this is even after I installed the latest software. it is slower than my tomtom ONE when planning a route (probably because it is HDD based as opposed to SD).

I would go with one of the lower models, unless you really need maps of western europe, america and whatever the other one is.

Also, the car screen mount is APPALING. the tomtom moves all over the place, not fun when you're travelling at 70mph, have to stop several times on some journeys to readjust. the tomtom ONE mount was fantastic.
TomTom Traffic - Adam {P}
Hahah - I've just one!

It's a good gadget but really pricey. THe mount is diabolical. I've got it resting on my dash so once it's one, it doesn't really move. My uncles' seems to be ok though and the mount holds the weight of the unit just fine. Weird.

Still - with Mr T's voice on it's worth every penny!
TomTom Traffic - smokie
"maps of western europe, america and whatever the other one is."

The Canaries, IIRC. Might be handy one day I spose...

I love traffic Adam...NOT!!
TomTom Traffic - SjB {P}
When I upgraded my iPAQ 2210 / TomTom 3 installation to TomTom 5 I received a gratis free trial to TomTom Traffic. It worked well, but with my currently limited driving - about 10k per annum of which 3k is work and 3.5k is outside the UK - it wasn't worth the GPRS charges or the TomTom subscription. I let it lapse and haven't regretted the decision. On the one occasion since when I've been caught in a mega jam, TomTom Traffic wouldn't have helped; I came off the M25 at the next junction anyway and was easily rerouted back on to the pretty well empty M25 a junction later.

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