Mini question - timbo0409

I would be grateful for some advice/views on the following - I need to buy a Mini One for my new business which will do around 20-25k a year. I was going to buy a new one on the basis that the residuals are strong but am worried about the new models effect on this (I need to have the car in the next 2-3 weeks so cant wait for it). Leasing is an option but with the mileage I am doing this will be expensive. It has to be a mini as we are branding it.
Any advice would be gratefully received.

Mini question - Altea Ego
Mini residuals are still strongish. Far better than any other car for the price.

But shed loads of ex foxtons cars are depressing the price somewhat down south, plus as you say - the new model. Cant say what they will be like in two years time, specially one with mega mileage.
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Mini question - Citroënian {P}
I'm hoping the new model will send the values through the floor. If they get to something sensible in a year or so, I can see myself with another.
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Mini question - Avant
SWMBO has just got a new Mini One - we thought of waiting for the new one but

(a) it's bound to be more expensive

(b) I think there will still be a demand for this model. Elder daughter got a new-shape Yaris a few months ago and the dealer said there was a big demand for used examples of the old shape

(c) The One is not coming out as soon as the Cooper.

If you need it now, I'd go for it. This model may lose value a bit faster, but not by much, and the (presumed) higher prive of the new model should largely cancel that out.

By the way, we both love ours. Quite nippy enough and the ride is more comfortable than the Cooper's.

Have fun!
Mini question - AngryJonny
The question was so Mini I didn't even spot it in that paragraph.

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