96 punto 55 - 96punto
I have just bought a 1996 punto 55 which I have just noticed there is a rattling noise coming from the front which occurs only when decelerating and the frequency of the rattles slows when the car slows. Any suggestions
96 punto 55 - 96punto
Further to above I should add that when I say decelerating I mean with my foot off the gas and not just braking.
96 punto 55 - bell boy
check all wiggly bits under engine,engine cold mind ,dont want no burns..........
96 punto 55 - bell boy
er underbonnet i meant.......
96 punto 55 - 96punto
there is nothing loose or hanging under the bonnet, I think it may have something to do with a driveshaft as the noise increases slighty when the clutch is engaged and as i mentioned earlier the frequency of the knocks/rattling is proportional to the speed the car is travelling at.
96 punto 55 - Screwloose

You have checked the wheelnuts?
96 punto 55 - 96punto
It's not the wheelnuts. I am guessing it may have something to do with some sort of differential between the wheel, driveshaft and the engine as the noise only occurs when the engine and wheel are slowing down at different speeds. When the engine is driving the wheel it is fine but when i take my foot of the accelerator then there is the rumbling/rattle noise. The noise quietens slightly when I drop the clutch pedal.
Is there a diff or something that could be causing this?
96 punto 55 - big_pun
loose exhaust manifold?
96 punto 55 - bell boy
sounds like the bearings in the gearbox
with car stood and ticking over press clutch in and out to see if noise reproduced
96 punto 55 - Hamsafar
Do you mean a noise like something rotating at the road speed and knocking in rythm, if so maybe CV joints.
96 punto 55 - Armitage Shanks {p}
I think that worn CV joints will be particularly noisy if the car is moved slowly on full lock - well you would be doing that slowly wouldn't you?
96 punto 55 - Another John H
See if it has any oil in the gearbox.
96 punto 55 - 96punto
Regarding the cv joints diagnosis, the noise is related to the road speed but only occurs when decelerating and there is no noise during full lock thing as long as the speed is constant or increasing.

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