Mondeo drivers seat - Craigh
Just bought a 2001 Mondeo, there is a switch on the side of the drivers seat that adjusts the up & down movement (I think!). This does not work. There is a motor beneath the seat and it looks as though it should be operational.
The fuses shown in the manual don't match what is actually printed on the fuse box covers and I can't find one for the seat.

Any ideas??
Mondeo drivers seat - Adam {P}
I'm going to ask a ridiculous question now but it could save you a lot of aggro.

Is it on Ignition II (or is the engine on?)?
Mondeo drivers seat - Craigh
It doesent work with the ignition in any position or while the engine is running.

It is a 1.8 LX
Mondeo drivers seat - Red Baron
On my 03 Zetec Mondeo the switch works at all times. Except when the battery is disconnected, of course. Can't remember off the top of my head which the fuse is.
Mondeo drivers seat - Adam {P}
Do you know something, I've just gone out to have a look and so does mine. No idea where I was going with that.

Mondeo drivers seat - Craigh
Just found the fuse (30A) Fuse OK!

Could there be a relay??
Mondeo drivers seat - LeePower
I would get the multimeter out, Unplug the motor & then check for voltage at the plug when the switch is pressed.

Make sure it is the seat motor you unplug & NOT the pyrotechnic seatbelt pretensioner! Follow the wires to the seat motor to be 100% sure.
Mondeo drivers seat - Craigh
OK, here we go.......There are 12v on both wires metered to the body earth (live even with ignition off).
When the switch is pressed up then down, the voltage dissapears off each leg respectively.

Doesent make sense to me, unless it applies an earth on the leg when you press the switch?

Possibly the motor?
Mondeo drivers seat - LeePower
Sounds like it doesnt it.

Try connecting BOTH meter probes to the plug, See if you get + 12 volts one way & - 12 volts the other.
Mondeo drivers seat - Galaxy
On my Mondeo Mk2 the up/down seat adjustment works whether the ignition is switched on or not.

However, the adjustment on my car unfortunately no longer works. When I operate the switch I can hear the electric motor going but the seat doesn't move. Something must have come loose, like a gearwheel attached to the motor shaft.

Since it's only me that ever drives the car, and it's already adjusted for me, I've never bothered to explore the problem further.

Point is, when you operate the switch on your own car, do you hear the motor running? If you do then you have a problem with the mechanical parts of then seat, if not then it's an electrical one.
Mondeo drivers seat - BB
Whip the seat out this weekend and have a look underneath. Seats normally slide rearwards and off the slides.
May be something simple.
Mondeo drivers seat - Dynamic Dave
Whip the seat out this weekend

First making sure that if it has seat airbags that the battery has been disconnected for a least ½ beforehand to allow the capacitors to discharge themselves and prevent accidental detonation.
Mondeo drivers seat - LeePower
Remember to disconnect the battery for at least 10 minutes first before unplugging the seat.

You have a side airbag & a pyrotechnic seatbelt pretensioner attached to that seat.

Make sure you have the radio code & when the battery is re connected that the key is in your pocket, Fords love to automatically lock themselves when power is restored.
Mondeo drivers seat - Craigh

I unbolted the seat, tilted it to one side and managed to get to the motor.

It is only held in by a clip and a slide pin. The motor runs with 12v applied so I checked the connection.......

It was the plug that connects the motor to the switch. Gave it a good clean and all is OK!!

Thanks for all your help.

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