Views on the S type Jag - StevieC
Evening all,

A Mate is thinking of buying a S Type Jag 2.5 sport on a 53 plate, what should he look for problem wise, are they a good buy, or a dog?the one he has looked at is around 15k

Views please??
Views on the S type Jag - StevieC
pretty please!!
Views on the S type Jag - Roger Jones
Views on the S type Jag - StevieC
Many thanks Roger
Views on the S type Jag - Westpig
Had mine for 4.5 years and love it (3.0 SE). A 53 plate will have had a couple of the early problems well ironed out, so there shouldn't be really much to worry about.

If i'm to be really picky, boot is shallow (compared to the competition) although it goes go back a fair way, so not an issue unless you regularly want to carry trunks.

The motoring magazines complain of a compact cabin, although i'm 5'10" and far too large for my own good and really can't see it.

Apart from that I'd be pushed to have a moan. My Jag magazine says some of them suffered splits in the water reservoir at the top of the radiator, but mine hasn't & I would have thought a '53 plate woud have had that covered.

Tell him to buy it, you only live once...... and it's built in this country, by a British work force, has lots of heritage and has plenty of toys in it..... (I know it's owned by an American company and has the underpinnings of a Lincoln but hey unless you spend silly money there's nowt British left).

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