BMW 320d air con - diesel smell - willisbmw
Have recently had my 51 reg, 30k 320d touring checked over due to regular leaks on my drive. The leaks leave a stain hence I dont think they are water.

The garage checked the car and say this is simply the air con discharge and is normal - but our air con (climate control system) still pumps through a major smell of diesel when sitting at a junction (ie no air flowing through car)

The garage mentioned some kind of air con service they can do for £30 which will 'clean' the system - any ideas what this may be and whether it will address the diesel smell coming through. Also; is this discharge 'normal' as they say and if so would it leave a mark on my drive (I have had other cars before this with 'manual' air con and these left no such deposits)

Thanks in advance for help

BMW 320d air con - diesel smell - Armitage Shanks {p}
If it is a 'normal' leak from aircon it will be condensed water and will no more mark your drive than rain water. The smell removal treatment they are offering relates to bacteria which can form and grow in the system, giving a smell like bad socks, or worse. I suggest that if you can smell diesel then you have a diesel leak up front and maybe near the airconditioning intake. If you run the a/c when you first start the car and have it on recirculate do you get a smell and, if so, what is it? The cleaning system is something proprietary, I think made by Forte, and it will do nothing for a diesel smell IMHO!
BMW 320d air con - diesel smell - willisbmw
thanks for this - will take this back to garage.


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