ford mondeo turbo diesel power problem - somerset bloke
recently had second hand turbo fitted by garage as was told that was the problem .but still having problems with lack of power when going up hill speed drops to 10miles and unable to get into higher than second gear also car has stalled on several occasions . was told oil in turbo when fitted was causing this but not convinced this is so , any ideas gratefully recieved
ford mondeo turbo diesel power problem - Number_Cruncher
Check the valve clearances - they can close up, and give exactly these symptoms.

ford mondeo turbo diesel power problem - Screwloose

Assuming that this is a 1.8TD and not something later; then also check the thin pipe from the inlet manifold to the aneroid unit [round tin thing] on the injection pump. They're well prone to splitting the rubber connector hose between the two. Any splits will spit oil; so if it's all oily - look hard.

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