Aygo - 'I Go' To Buy or What? - ferrisbueller
Looking for an economical car to commute in about 40 miles per day. Looking for good fuel economy, nice ride, cheap tax/insurance and something that looks O.K.

What do you think of the Toyota Aygo - would like to know ?


Ferris (P.S would rather have a 1961 Ferrari GT250 !!!)

AYGO - 'I GO' TO BUY OR WHAT? - mike hannon
I don't think anyone who would rather have a 1961 Ferrari GT 250 would ever been seen dead in a Toyota Aygo.
Looks OK? That?
I guess they would rather have some bottle and buy an Alfa 147 a couple of years down the road...
AYGO - 'I GO' TO BUY OR WHAT? - ferrisbueller

Re: last post

You need to watch the film - then I think you would understand re: Ferrari, Ferris Bueller etc.....

AYGO - 'I GO' TO BUY OR WHAT? - nick1975
Aygo will be cheap to run, but its the same car as the citreon c1 and the pug 107, which will be cheaper to buy

there are other cheapos out there, panda, micra, picanto. Go for the one you like best, where the dealer is nearest your home etc. In 2,3,5 years you wont be more than £500 up or down
AYGO - 'I GO' TO BUY OR WHAT? - mike hannon
Sorry, I don't go to the pictures and I rarely watch TV.
What I said still stands - why buy a car that looks like a baby Tonka toy when you can have a genuine pedigree if you're not obsessed with six months of new number plate.
You can get a free 2 day test drive of the Aygo from Toyota:
www.toyota.co.uk/21232dayag/ might be worth a go?
AYGO - 'I GO' TO BUY OR WHAT? - stunorthants
Id look seriously at the Kia Picanto - I drove an automatic one a while back and while it wasnt the fastest car on the road, it felt very solid and the gearbox was very smooth. I have never driven a small car that impressed me quite as much at that price. I bought a Smart ForTwo in the end and regretted it ever since. I should think for a 40 mile journey, the Picanto is a relaxing drive, plus its quite well equipped too.
The dealers are also pretty good too which cannot always be said of Citroen/Peugeot much of the time.

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