pug 306 alarm - n2w
Has anyone got any ideas
when i lock my car i press the big button on the key fob then the little button about 5 mins later the alarm goes off
if i only lock the car with the large button this doesnt happen ???

Pug 306 1996 XTDT

pug 306 alarm - LeePower
The reason why is the alarm is only armed when you deadlock the car.

Pressing the little button after the big one sets the deadlocks & arms the alarm system..
pug 306 alarm - JohnPug
If the alarm goes off after 5 mins, the internal sensors are at fault.

Try pressing the little button by the ignition key switch before you lock the car up, the LED by the centre air vent will light up when you've pressed it long enough. This disables the internal sensors.

You could always get some new sensors if this method gets annoying.
pug 306 alarm - LeePower
A new set of ultrasonic sensors are less then £30 from Pug & easy DIY fitment.
pug 306 alarm - n2w

Thanks for your help i will test these ideas

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