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If I were to buy a secondhand car from Europe through eBay, would I have to pay VAT etc?

Anyone done this?

If I were to buy a car from Europe... - horse
Do you mean
i) Do I have to pay the local sales tax if it applies to 2nd hand cars in the country I'm buying in (e.g. Italian sales tax on private car transfers) or

ii) do I have to pay something to the UK tax man for bringing the car into the UK?

AFAIK i) Yes if you do it as a private individual, don't know about if you do it as a ltd company, only some countries impose a tax like this on 2nd hand car sales

ii) Not at first, but reregistering the car in the UK is compulsory after its here for 6 months, there are fees to pay and hoops to jump through, but no % of the value to pay (assuming the car is from an EU country)
If I were to buy a car from Europe... - bell boy
as i understand it you need a conformity certificate to register it in the uk,i would check how you go on with the manufacturers about this as last time i spoke to dvla about it they brushed it as a mere formality.
my car came from the isle of man and to be honest i wouldnt want the hassle again.....
but whaaaaaaahay the best of luck i might have been one of the first new schmooks to try the new system....
If I were to buy a car from Europe... - aahbarnes

tinyurl.com/agq54 {link to www.direct.gov.uk shortened as was screwing up the page width - DD}

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