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What's a reasonable hourly rate for bodywork repairs?

My GRP bodied car was damaged while in the hands of a car recovery firm.
Someone opened the passenger door and leant on it, I suppose without knowing it was GRP.
The upper hinge has pulled out of the door shell
As I built it myself and I need it very soon, I'll repair it myself.
What's a reasonable rate for hours of such work ?

The insurers will try to wriggle out of it, so I want to be reasonable (in the legal sense), even if they aren't.
Taking lots of pictures will be a start and timing the work.

Hourly rate for GRP bodywork repair - artful dodger {P}
I doubt if you will get an answer to your question on hourly rates on this forum.

Much of it will depend on whether your insurer will allow you to repair it and what labour cost, if any, would be allowed.

You should approach several bodyshops to see if they can repair using fiberglass and what they will charge. You might also try a marine repairer as most boats are built of fiberglass.

Remember the insurance company will only return your car to the postion you were in before the damage. You needing it repaired quickly does not come into their calculation as they might offer another vehicle whilst being repaired. Also if you did the work yourself, it may not be to a satisfactory standard and you could be deemed to be profiting from the repair by doing the work yourself.
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Hourly rate for GRP bodywork repair - neil
"Someone opened the passenger door and leant on it... The upper hinge has pulled out of the door shell... I built it myself.


I know how much I'd pay for craftsmanship like that, Coco!

Just hope the guy who lent on the door which fell off isn't counterclaiming for some injury sustained when it went....

Hourly rate for GRP bodywork repair - Falkirk Bairn
A Neighbour's R Reg Espace was bashed 2 years ago - a new doorskin was needed.
As Matra (the aactual builder of that type of Espace) are out of business there are no spare parts for door skin.

It was custom made and the total bill was nigh on £1200 and the damage looked superficial on first inspection.

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