VW Passat Aircon - Robes
The 10A fuse that supplies the aircon on my Passat is blowing, it was doing it last year and I put it down to sticky buttons on the climatronic controls, the buttons were sticking in and that seemed to blow the fuse. I have freed up the buttons but now the fuse is blowing again. I increased the fuse to 15A rating (not good practice I know!) but it still blowed. Please can anyone help and suggest a simple fix, I know that Aircon repairs are going to cost an arm and a leg! The car is a 2002 SE TDI (diesel estate)
VW Passat Aircon - LeePower
Find a good garage with VAG-COM diagnostic software so they can plug the laptop in & run a diagnostic test on the car & aircon system, They might spot something quickly via the computer it could take you hours to find.
VW Passat Aircon - Dave N
A 10A fuse sounds a bit big for the climatronic unit, but is a normal size for the compressor clutch coil.

Does it only blow with the a/c on? Or does it still blow when in EC mode?
VW Passat Aircon - Robes
I haven't tried it in EC mode, if the A/C is on when the climatronic is switched off, then it comes on automatically when the climatronic is switched back on. I will try a new fuse and put it on EC mode before the aircon kicks in. What will that prove?
VW Passat Aircon - Robes
I have just replaced fuse and switched to economy mode, the fuse did not blow, I guess then the fault must be related to the aircon system?
VW Passat Aircon - Dave N
I don't have a diagram to hand, but generally the clutch coil has it's own fused circuit. They normaly draw about 3 amps, so a 10A fuse is fitted. If this is the case, it means the compressor clutch coil has shorted internally.

To check it, disconnect the plug to the compressor, and measure the resistance of the coil. Should be about 3 or 4 ohms. Any less and the fuse will blow.

Let us know what you find.
VW Passat Aircon - Robes
Whilst I was trying to get access to the compressor, I found the cable to the compressor was in contact with the front drive belt. It had worn through two wires and after I repaired these, the aircon worked fine.
Thanks for your suggestion Dave, I reckon you saved me a lot of money!

VW Passat Aircon - Dave N
Ha, you can send me a cheque, or I take credit cards!!

Glad it's sorted.

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