What IS wrong? - Waino
There was a long tailback late afternoon on the Attleborough A11 (Norfolk) by-pass. It looked as though 6,7 or 8 cars were involved in the accident/accidents - police were there, ambulances, fire engines arriving and the air ambulance flying in. It looked like a scene from the middle east.

But why? It was a 40mph stretch of road due to the roadworks, so folks shouldn't have been speeding; there was no fog, smog, rain - it was a nice sunshiny afternoon. There are some looooony drivers out there!
What IS wrong? - mss1tw
Someone managed to close a road in Byfleet today...BBC reported it as a serious accident. I have no idea what you'd have to be doing on this road to cause something like this other than insanity.
What IS wrong? - Screwloose
- it was a nice sunshiny afternoon.

Maybe that was the underlying factor; the glare from strong sunshine can cut visibility to the same level as fog in certain circumstances. Were the crashed vehicles heading into the sun?
What IS wrong? - Waino
By the way the vehicles were dispersed, I suspect that part of the melee could have been caused by rubberneckin' and drivers not leaving enough space from the car in front.


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