Parking lights, battery life - mss1tw
How long do you think you can leave parking lights on without discharging the battery to the point of not starting?

They only power the sidelights don't they? I'd imagine it would last a week or so!
Parking lights, battery life - DP
I inadvertently left the Mondeo's on for two days once and it started fine.
Parking lights, battery life - Armitage Shanks {p}
Yes but if you have other electrical things like the alarm etc armed you might not find the battery lasting that long. I seem to recall people going on holiday and leaving the car at the airport and not getting started after 7 days away. If it is going to be a regular thing one of those solar powered trickle chargers might fit the bill
Parking lights, battery life - Pugugly {P}
Buy a car with decent technology and it will switch the light off when the battery is detected as becoming too weak.
Parking lights, battery life - mss1tw
Any examples? It's my often mentioned Toledo I'm referring to!
Parking lights, battery life - Pugugly {P}
BMWs - both bike and car (according to the manuals) beauty of CANbus technology.
Parking lights, battery life - martint123
Four side lights at 5watts plus a few dash lights - say 25 watts in total.
Current = watts / volts 25/12 - call it 2 amps.
Battery capacity - say 50 AH for a couple year old battery so 50 / 2 = 25 hours

Parking lights, battery life - KenC
If you want a high visibility parking lamp ( for the rear) how about buying a high vis RED flashing led cycle lamp ( you,ve seen how bright they are ) that takes AAA batteries.
When needed just leave it in the rear parcel shelf at a suitable angle, it will probably last all night & the next, when the batteries go flat just recharge them, cheap & has no effect on the car battery.

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