Bordeaux - Dax tomorrow - Aprilia
Tomorrow morning I shall be driving from Bordeaux down to Dax (or somewhere in that area - will find a hotel when I get there).

Is it tomorrow (15th July) that loads of French go on hols and head south? I'm wondering about an alternative to the motorway if its really busy. I have plenty of time (6 hours) so no rush.
Bordeaux - Dax tomorrow - mike hannon
No, tomorrow (15th) isn't one of the busiest days - the school hols are under way already and the major problem days on the roads will be at the end of this month as their parents start holidays as well.
But, today (14th) is Bastille Day public holiday so tomorrow will be like a bank holiday weekend in UK - hotels are likely to be busy, even down to the Etap level.
However, most people will have done their travelling yesterday or today so you shouldn't have too many problems - unless you try to park in the centre of Dax when the street market is still on.
Bon voyage...
Bordeaux - Dax tomorrow - Aprilia
Thanks, that's great info.
Bordeaux - Dax tomorrow - Harmattan
Paris etc have already emptied but les flics are active on major routes according to French satellite TV last night. They were pulling anyone with a full car and/or loaded roof racks over and checking weights with neat little load pads under the wheels. Then tyre pressures and documents. Drivers were being told to lose weight (off the cars) or they could not continue. All part of the start of summer campaign.

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