skipping cd player renault kangoo fitted - dazzler
i have recently bought a 2003 renault kangoo van from a dealer. it has a factory fitted cd player which has annoyingly started skipping, i have tried cleaning it with a lense cleaner but it hasnt helped and it is not covered by the warrenty. i wouldn,t mind if i could just by a cheap replacement one but it has a dash monted display and steering column controls so would be a real pain to fit. any suggestions?
skipping cd player - Altea Ego
Yes - they are cheap enough on ebay. Changed the wifes Radio /cassette to a Radio/cd player

If your old one is a "tuner list" (Its made by VDO dayton) one of these will fit.

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skipping cd player - George Porge
Try a blast of compressed air in the slot just incase there's a hair or similar floating around
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skipping cd player - dazzler
thanks TVM will check it out
skipping cd player - Dynamic Dave
Alternately remove from dash, take top cover off and gently clean the lens with a cotton wool bud swabbed with some iso prop alcohol.
skipping cd player - sierraman
I would agree,had trouble with my domestic player,lens cleaner did nothing,took the case off and cleaned the lens properly and it has been fine.

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