Brake pad/caliper rust (Peugeot 306) - K
As a non-mechanically minded girl I happily take my car to the garage and let them get on with things.

In January all my brake pads were replaced. In June the front left brake pads had to be replaced again as the calipers had rusted and they had worn away the brake pads. What I am wondering is whether the garage should have noticed a build up of rust back in January - surely rust can't develop from no where in just 6 months?

The garage asked me 'do you drive far?' - (whatever I say is always wrong) I said it was about average and they told me that that was the problem - I hadn't driven enough and therefore rust had developed!

As my speedo went last year and then went again 6 months later (though the garage told me it was a different part of the speedo mechanism which had failed each time) I am wondering whether they're being genuine or if they're just taking me for a ride.

Additionally, does anyone know if there is anywhere in the Salisbury area where you can study car maintenance just as a part-time. I have always wanted to learn just that so that I could save myself a small fortune by doing some simple repairs myself.

Brake pad/caliper rust (Peugeot 306) - Hamsafar
Well, are you sure that they only replaced the left brake pads again?
The pads always come as a set of 4 (a pair for each wheel)
The pads must always be replaced in a set of 4 (both fronts or both rears) even if they aren't all worn evenly (due to a problem)
The sort of rusting/corrosion that would cause a pad to wear out in six months of light driving would be causing the brake on that wheel to stick on all the time. In this event, the corrosion would be internal, and not visible from the outside.
What you could do in future, is just touch each metal wheel on your car when you get home, and see if one is hotter than the others, the wheel isusually hot if the brake is rubbing all the time, and this will wear the brake pad/shoes on that wheel. there may also be a characteristic burning chemical smell.

Brake pad/caliper rust (Peugeot 306) - L'escargot
Here's an online course, but it sounds expensive to me.

Brake pad/caliper rust (Peugeot 306) - mss1tw
How can an online course properly teach you mechanics?
Brake pad/caliper rust (Peugeot 306) - robcars
If in doubt about the honesty of any garage/mechanic; always ask them if they can keep the old bits for you to see and for them to show you why they were needed.

Any honest garage/mechanic will have no problems with this (except for a part that is on an exchange basis). Even if its an exchange item they will always keep it long enough for you to be shown and have it explained to you.
Brake pad/caliper rust (Peugeot 306) - Cliff Pope
Rusting calipers are not in themselves a problem, unless really excessive and failing in other respects. They are merely housings for the pistons, which push the pads into engagement with the discs when you brake. What often happens is that the discs rust, and these then wear the pads abnormally quickly. Rusting discs are caused by insufficient use, or leaving the car with the brakes wet.
Pistons can stick in the calipers, and these too cause excessive pad wear.
Pads that have been allowed to wear down too far can also damage the discs.
So there's a lot of scope for inter-reacting effects, but a decent garage ought to be able to explain these and justify what they have done.
Brake pad/caliper rust (Peugeot 306) - Andrew-T
"always ask them if they can keep the old bits for you to see"

Soon after getting my first (used) 306, I took it to a Pug dealer for its first MoT, and they reported that it needed new wishbone bushes at 20K miles. This surprised me, as there was no other evidence of heavy use. I was duly shown the replaced parts, and cynically suspected that there was a campaign to shift some new ones, at £75 each, and the displayed parts came from another car. Seven years on, and two 306s later, I am still suspicious, as no-one has mentioned worn bushes since. But now I have my MoTs done at ATS.

[ However, that same ATS reported a failed exhaust mount on Wife's Clio the other day. After ordering new part, I examined the car more closely and decided that nothing had failed - ATS simply weren't sure what they were looking at ]
Brake pad/caliper rust (Peugeot 306) - robcars
So if they show you the parts needing replacing and you are not convinced, go and get another opinion?

Then you will know if anyone is trying to cheat you? Again any honest garage would be quite happy for you to go and get another opinion. I love my customers to; got nothing to hide. When they return, all sides are happy and relaxed.

If they dont return I go out of business so its important to me. and nothing happier than a customer who is only paying out when its needed and keeping his bills down.
Brake pad/caliper rust (Peugeot 306) - Civic8
>>In June the front left brake pads had to be replaced again as the calipers had rusted and they had worn away

If they had said discs were rusted,then yes they do rust overnight in wet weather,and cause slightly more wear to pads but not excessive.

And still would last a lot longer than six months,I think it unlikely pad wear that bad would not have shown up as a braking problem ie steering pulling to one side when braking, if the calipers dont work together you do get problems that are noticeable.

But they should not replace pads anyway untill they have sorted with your permission,reason why one side wears faster than the other,and is IMO waste of time, apart from making money from you
Brake pad/caliper rust (Peugeot 306) - piston power
we had a 306 and the n/s/f (left hand) caliper used to stick it was eating brake pads, so i stripped it down cleaned out the piston re-sealed it which a kit is a lot cheaper than a recon caliper, the slides were re-greased and another set of pads fitted all ok for the next 25.000mls, however if you can't do this yourself then you have no choice but to pay garage prices i dought you will learn this in a basic course good luck.
Brake pad/caliper rust (Peugeot 306) - Civic8
>>the slides were re-greased and another set of pads fitted all ok for the next 25.000mls

actually sounds like OP problem,garage could have at least said this may be the problem,instead of making out caliper rust caused it.

However I suppose it could be they didnt really look into why,only simple quick fix for 5 minutes

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