Ford Galaxy Limiting - matt g
My dad has a 1996 Ford Galaxy, it is a 2litre aspen model.

The problem that he is encountering is when he gets the car to about 4000rpm it seems to be hitting the limiter, this happens in every gear and he can only get a maximum of 80mph down the motorway in 5th gear. Thats when the road is in a slope aswell.

He has changed the spark plugs, ht leads, put injector cleaner through, but still seems to be limiting. I have suggested that he gets it checked in for a computer test to see if it brings up any error codes, would anyone else know of any ideas what it could be?

Thanks in advance. Matt
Ford Galaxy Limiting - George Porge
When was the fuel filter last changed? Are the fuel pumps noisy?
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Ford Galaxy Limiting - LeePower
Sounds like its running LOS or in english its stuck in Limp Home Mode.

Time to get the ECU fault codes read & go from there.

The rev limiter should cut in around 6800 to 7100 on this lump.
Ford Galaxy Limiting - Screwloose

Ford ECU's won't rev over 4000 if the vehicle is stationary. For some reason, the engine ECU doesn't seem to be receiving the vehicle speed info from the display ECU. The gearbox-mounted speed sensor must be functional, or there would be no speedo; the signal just doen't seem to be getting passed on. The live-data from both units should show what's going wrong. Could be just a poor connection on the dash pod.

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