1995 FIAT Punto driveshafts - Crinkly Dave
Can anyone tell me who makes a socket suitable for the Punto Turbo Diesel driveshafts, apart from FIAT

36mm across flats, as the setup is very similar to the Pug/Citroen one, but the internal diameter of the boss which locates the disc (and hence the outside diameter of the socket to be used) is only 48mm. The socket needs to be a long one, to fit over the end of the driveshaft, so a standard socket would fit, I think

My usual Pug driveshaft socket is about 52mm outside dia. Only £8 for another, but would have to pay someone to reduce outer diameter, which may mean a cylindrical grinder. Easier to buy the right tool, I think

I have just changed one of the outer CV boots by removing the shaft and hub, and stripping the shaft down from the inner end. Don't want to do this for the next one.
1995 FIAT Punto driveshafts - Crinkly Dave
Looks like noone has a simple answer.

I will try my local FIAT garage tomorrow, as I really should replace (according to Haynes) the bolts holding the struts to the hubs as I have disturbed them yesterday. Look like high tensile, but they have such small heads a really good fitting socket was essential.

Anyone have a particularly good internet site for this sort of practical FIAT query? Most of those I have looked at appear to be about putting on big exhausts and pretty paintwork.
1995 FIAT Punto driveshafts - bell boy
my answer is a normal type socket will fit but not fully on the nut you really need an assistant to keep his boot on end while you undo (via a scaffold pole extension) ,not ideal but cheaper than a socket for this job you may only do once.
Any decent motor factor would be able to supply a long type power socket for your needs by the way,but my local factor doesnt keep new nuts for fiats so it is a dealer part,dont get carried away peaning it.
1995 FIAT Punto driveshafts - Number_Cruncher
I have had some good results from Snap-On.

For example, I needed to obtain a modified socket to fit some specially strain gauged M16 bolts for some stress testing I was doing on a train. I needed a socket with a fairly large slot to allow the attached signal cable to get out (a bit like a lambda sensor socket). Snap On took my specs, made up and delivered this modified tool for £40.

I've also had them make up special cranked spanners and tools to enable bolt heads to be accessed within bogie structures.

1995 FIAT Punto driveshafts - ChicksFan
Hiya Dave,

Take a look at items on eBay numbered:




Will either of those fit the bill?

1995 FIAT Punto driveshafts - Crinkly Dave
Oldman, Number Cruncher, Chicksfan

Thank you very much for your response. Sorry for delayed answer, but I wanted to see if any FIAT ("Fix It Again Toni") mechanics responded.

Oldman. Have to admit this seemed interesting. Will borrow 36mm standard socket to see if it will fit. Will have to use 18yr old son's foot, and he is only availably circa 2pm (resting after A levels). Undid 309 wheel bearing last week, and screwed the end off my Laser powerbar (end available at £7)

Number Cruncher. As an ex engineer this is the ideal, but cost of Snap on for one job would make it cheaper to go to local garage. It is the ideal solution, which I prefer. Like things "Spot on" but I may not do this job, as remaining boot seems OK

Chicksfan. Ideal answer (right tool and not Snap On prices) but I am not au fait with Ebay, and have the Crinkly Generations fear of bidding incorrectly and finding an elephant and gorilla delivered the next morning. Will set daughter on this if it proves necessary.

Thank you all for your responses. They were all appreciated. I have tried a FIAT site and been told the socket is 32 mm. If it were 32 mm I would not have a problem...

Thanks again

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