2-litre Laguna auto freebie - Lud
SiL's Volvo 340 has burst its radiator, and a rich friend with lots of motors has offered him a 94 2-litre Laguna automatic for nothing.

The car is said to be in good condition and has a new autobox less than a year old. Mileage is said to be low, about 5k a year average. It's a specced-up model with leather.

My feeling is that since it's free he might as well give it a try. Apparently it isn't worth much.

I know the Laguna, and Renaults in general especially with autoboxes, are frowned on by many here, but I believe they have their supporters. The only Renault I have owned, an 18GTX estate, was excellent.

Will the Laguna drink like a fish and give him endless grief, or is it worth a punt?
2-litre Laguna auto freebie - 1066
i had a p reg 2.ltr rxe auto and even tho it was fairly thirsty we did 50k miles in it with never a single fault. if its free it's worth a try. the worst that can happen is its not what you wanted and can give it back with a big thanks but not really what we need right now
2-litre Laguna auto freebie - Altea Ego
The later made goona 1s were a fairly solid old bus. They chew up exhausts every three years or so, and you need to check the heater matrix has not gone (fishy damp smell, wet carpets) but for free, its well worth a punt.
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2-litre Laguna auto freebie - nick
You really need to ask? Take it, say thanks. If it goes bang bung it on ebay and anything back is a bonus.
2-litre Laguna auto freebie - Xileno {P}
The weak spot on these IMO (and confirmed in the CBCB) is the automatic gearbox. It does not surprise me that it has been replaced already. This is a shame because the MK1 Laguna was a tough beast and certainly a better proposition in my view than the earliest MK2 models.

If the matrix packs up then unfortunately this will mean the dashboard coming out.

As has been said - it's free and a free car is always worth having. Run it until something big goes and then either put it on e-bay (it always amazes me what people will pay for old rubbish) or just scrap it. When the day comes you might even consider breaking it yourself, the leather interior would be worth some money if in good condition.

Having said that, you may get many happy years out of it. They're not all bad. Don't epxect more than 30mpg unless on a long run.
2-litre Laguna auto freebie - mrmender
Lud as my old Mum used to say never refuse anything for nothing!
2-litre Laguna auto freebie - bell boy
or refuse nowt but a clout
2-litre Laguna auto freebie - Lud
Thanks to all for mainly positive feedback. I'll pass it on, and post any relevant further data.

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