A near miss..... - blue_haddock
Just thought i'd post a few pictures of a little incident i had this weekend at 80mph on the outside lane of the M5.


I have no idea of what hit it but whatever it was must of been pretty big and very hard.

Thank god for laminated safety glass.
A near miss..... - Altea Ego
Nasty. Good job the lamination held.
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A near miss..... - blue_haddock
Nasty. Good job the lamination held.

Only just - it is actually punctured in the middle of where the glass splintered.
A near miss..... - bell boy
yees must have been something big to splatter the outer glass like it has............

looks like a ronaldi garas looking at the seats.....................106 or 205??????? on hj so must be a 205?
A near miss..... - Andrew-T
"whatever it was must have been pretty big and very hard"

I had a new screen after I was hit by something similar in Ireland a few weeks ago. The splintering covered an area bigger than the tax disc, but I was only doing about 50, not 80 :o) and at least I could continue driving as it would have hit me in the armpit or thereabouts. No idea what it was either - just a loud bang.
A near miss..... - blue_haddock
Thats exactly it Andrew - i didn't see a thing it just went bang very loudly.

Once the screen ahs been changed it's going to need a very thorough valet as glass shards have gone everywhere.

It's a 106 RG by the way.
A near miss..... - Happy Blue!
Good Grief Kev; are you OK?

Adam will be upset!

There are unusual circular marks immediately south of the centre of damage. I wonder if you were hit by a short scaffoling pole, or a heavy tin of beans. I bet that could cause some damage at high speed.
A near miss..... - blue_haddock
Yes i'm ok if a little shaken, didn't realise at the time but several people have mentioned that based on where it hit if it had come through i may not be sat here typing this.

I don't know what hit but the circular cracks do look as if it may of been something like a coke can, also the epicentre is slightly below where the rest of the damage is situated so possibly two point of impact.
A near miss..... - Peter D
'hit by a short scaffoling pole, or a heavy tin of beans' No that would have been too much mass and would have gone straight though the windsceen. It wasn't a bird as there is no mess. Just as well you are OK. I bet that woke you up. Regards Peter
A near miss..... - Altea Ego
Had it been a scaffold pole we would be sending sympathy cards to blues family. Tin of beans? Would need to be full to have the mass to break the screen, but would have split open as well and the wipers would be full of sauce. The tine would have deformed and not gone through (aka crumple zones on car).

Full can of beer perhaps?

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A near miss..... - David Horn
Wheel nut?
A near miss..... - Lud
Or bolt, I was thinking. If it had been anything as big as a can you wd surely have seen it. Very scary.

Citroen Dyane had a flat, one-piece toughened windscreen. The one on my Dyane dropped into my lap one day in the outside lane of the M1, fortunately without anything significant going into my eyes. Absolutely no indication of what had caused this to happen.
A near miss..... - bell boy
Lud what were you doing in third lane in a citroen dyane?were other lanes closed ;)
i agree to the wheel nut theory they dont half make a noise happened to me a few years ago and the bolt was still on the scuttle when i got back to work.
blue haddock dont forget splinters will have gone into the air vents and will come out bit by bit with the fan on and as you go over bumps more will be dislodged ....
106 eh?? i was wrong ;(........
A near miss..... - Lud
Lud what were you doing in third lane in a citroen
dyane?were other lanes closed ;)

Pedal to the metal at all times in those days om. Dyane could surprise a lot of drivers with its turn of speed, especially downhill with a following wind of course. Once there on say Salisbury Plain it could maintain 75 or more for miles.

Only trouble was the vacuum above the roll-back canvas roof used to suck the roof upwards until the press studs at the side let go, leaving one with rather a lot of noise.

And I have to say the car didn't really enjoy being driven like that. But I was young in those days. Ish.
A near miss..... - Chad.R
>>I wonder if you were hit by a short scaffoling pole....

Saw a short length (about 4ft) of scaffold pole fall off a lorry and cartwheel down the A1 near the approach to South Mimms on Saturday. Thankfully the driver noticed and pulled up and got out to retrieve it.

Could've done some real damage if a vehicle was following closely.
A near miss..... - artful dodger {P}
The damage certainly looks like something with some weight. A wheelnut is certainly possible, or a large stone or half a brick.

I once lost a windscreen when a stone was dropped from a bridge on a motorway. Although I was doing a similar speed, the damage was certainly far less than you suffered.

In my case I had seen some youths on the bridge and thought nothing of it until the bang, then when I braked I saw in my mirror them running off the bridge. It shook me up a bit, and now some 20 years, on I am very wary when I see anyone standing on a bridge. Usually I change lanes so I do not drive directly under them.

I read frequently, but only post when I have something useful to say.
A near miss..... - Happy Blue!
People have died after that 'trick'. A wise move to get away from directly underneath them.
A near miss..... - Altea Ego
Indeed people have died after such vandalism, case near me on the M3 I seem to recall.

My father had to go the funeral of one of his train driving colleagues after he hit a brick *suspended* on a rope from a bridge.

I too change lanes if possible at the last moment if i see " people" messing around in the bridge.
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A near miss..... - helicopter
BH - I am glad you are alive to tell the tale.

I had a very similar incident but on the inside lane of M40 at around 60 in a Polo a few years back.

The culprit was I think a brick thrown up off a lorry wheel but it also made a nasty dent in the bonnet, mangled the drivers wiper and left the laminated windsceen with a mark around three times the size of yours.

A serious brown trouser moment which left me shaking on the hard shoulder ..........I too was glad of the lamination holding as SWMBO and helicopter jr were with me and we could all have been killed.
A near miss..... - George Porge
Local yoof gets out of jail soon after dropping a half house brick off a walk bridge. It went through a girls windscreen hitting her in the face.

At 80MPH the object would need to be big size and also light weight enough not to pierce the screen. Piece of wood maybe?
2 Dirty VW diesels and a Honda with an 18 inch blade
A near miss..... - FP
Aluminium ladder partly in RH lane (of two lanes), partly on central reservation of North Orbital last Friday afternoon. Traffic so dense the guy who's dropped it, and who's stopped his van, is going to wait a long time to pick it up. I had to slow right down to get round it and did consider stopping (and halting the traffic behind) to let him get to it, but to be honest didn't have the nerve.

I dread to think what it's like to run over a ladder at 60 mph plus.
A near miss..... - Altea Ego
Years ago was driving with the old man when a fork dropped off a tarmacking lorry in front. With nowhere else to go the old man assumed stradling it (ie not driving over the fork with the tyres) was the safest thing to do.

Until the tines of the fork pierced the bottom of the drivers footwell by a good three inches, taking a chunk out of the heel of his shoe!
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A near miss..... - henry k
Were you passing under a bridge when it happened? If so report it.

Glad you are OK.
A near miss..... - henry k
Were you passing under a bridge when it happened? If so report it.

M1 drivers pelted with concrete
A near miss..... - borasport20
glad to hear you are all right. If that had happened to me, I would have been scared witless.

take care - otherwise we'll lose the quorum for the North West Meet

Go on, get out of the car...
A near miss..... - Pete M
A recent court case here in New Zealand is of interest:
NZ Herald July 6th
A youth who dropped an 8kg lump of concrete off an Auckland motorway bridge, killing a car driver, has been found not guilty of murder but guilty of manslaughter. The 15-year-old was charged after the concrete smashed through a car windscreen and killed a motorist last August. A jury at the Auckland High Court took four hours to reach its verdict this afternoon at the end of a four-day trial.



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