motorway question - steveo3002
i dont go on many motorways so i need to ask this question

today i went on the M11, some flashing signs were lit up stating i assumed that was a tempory limit, but over a 20 mile stretch not one car was driving under 70 despite 50 signs flashing every few miles

is it a suggested limit or compulsory? was worried about getting a fine, but i went along with the flow
motorway question - cockle {P}
Flashing amber = advisory.

If you kept an eye out you would probably have seen a Highways Agency patrol on the hard shoulder with a breakdown at some point within the limit. It seems to have become common practice now that if there is a stopped vehicle on the hard shoulder then the 50 limit signs come on. Personally i take it as a warning to proceed with caution and be prepared to give a wide berth to something on the hard shoulder, I always reduce speed and try and move out to the middle lane as I pass as well, if traffic permits. Having experience of being on the hard shoulder when traffic is passing at 70, it becomes a scary, dangerous place to be, I try to make it a little less dangerous.
motorway question - wotspur
cynically, as someone who uses the M25 daily, some pratt put up the 50mph, because a minor problem, went to the loo came back, forgot all about the sign, fell asleep, then about 22.00 woke up and realised what they had done,switched of the sign before clocking off.
Unfortunately those of us who use motorways regularly know that for every 100 flashing signs, only 1 or 2 become home to roost, so WE don't believe in them and no faith.
Get them right and we'll abide by them
motorway question - Altea Ego
wotspur that is a gross exageration. I do a lot of motorway miles. The ratio of valid motorway warning signs is probably about 50%

Agree tho thats enough to destroy the whole idea of them,

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motorway question - omeganoway
You are right,you dont go on moyorways much.
The speed limit on motorways is 70 all the time,but how many people stick to it.
motorway question - stunorthants
Worth bearing in mind that on the M25, the limits are circled red in places, therefore compulsary.

What has always made me laugh is the tiny gains you make by exceeding the speed limit - starting at Northampton and with a 20 minute lead, it took my dad right up to Winchester before he caught up with me - I was doing maximum of 65mph, usually less, in my little Suzuki van, he did 80mph in his Hyundai Coupe V6 wherever possible. I also had a full load in the back of my van so acceleration was even slower than usual.

From Winchester to Portsmouth with the same speeds, he arrived at the ferry port 10 minutes before me. So in the end, add half an hour to the journey and no need whatsoever to break the speed limit and risk getting points. Had I been in a car sticking to the legal limit of 70mph, the gains for my dad would have been even less. Hence I never bother with the battle in the outside lane and just plod along at 70 not worrying if theres a cop car on the horizon :)

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