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I was interested in what HJ said about Northamptonshire, in this report. Those of us who live here suffer from all the problems he commented on. There are also many speed humps, in various states of repair. My Mondeo's rear suspension was damaged by this, but not discovered until it was too late.
I have just sent a copy of the relevant comments to the County Council, adding that I live and drive to work here, and suffer from these conditions daily. My son-in-law got lost recently, although he lives in the county, because the A43 vanished somewhere on the southern bypass of the town.
I wonder if they will reply to me, a council tax payer. I will report if I get a reply.
The Honda Civic IMA test - Altea Ego
In defence of the A43 TVM writes:

From Kettering to Corby there is only two speed cameras (both in the small town of Geddington). From Corby onto Duddington, it is a cracking road to drive. Great road surface, with some really gorgeous open visibility bends at the Duddington end. There is one there that looks harmless but has a sudden tightening effect that makes your botty twitch.
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