Brembo or Bendix/lucas - Citroen zx td - Shaz {p}
Need to get rear discs & pads for my citroen zx td. Been looking at GSF car parts, and there are two choices:
Brembo or bendix/lucas . Both are the same price. Any preferences, i.e. is one better then the other?
Both seem reputable, just wandered if one would last longer / perform better then the other.
Brembo or Bendix/lucas - Collos25
Both the same ,work equally as good .
Brembo or Bendix/lucas - Mike-H
I agree with Andy, both good. It's the quality of fitting them that really counts. Make sure the faces are meticulously clean, and check they run true when torqued up. Don't just rely on there being no judder when you road test it!
Brembo or Bendix/lucas - Shaz {p}
I'am getting the local mechanic to fit them, as I don't have the time. He's also fitting a power steering pump, as mine is leaking (going to get one from a scrap yard), although I have to get him to pull the old one ff first, as there were two different pumps fitted. Will make sure he cleans the discs when he puts them on. Any special way off alligning the discs / pads, or do u just tighten the bolts up?
Brembo or Bendix/lucas - Mike-H
The way of checking the run-out ( level of wobble of the disc) is with a DTI, dial test indicator, which is an accurate way of measuring it. Many mechanics do not bother, though the instructions with the discs will give you the tolerance, about 0-15 microns, it varies with the car. If it's not done, and there is a bit of run out, you will get a condition known as 'thick thin' develop, where every time the disc rotates, the pad will catch it on the high spot, and wear it out, so that part of the disc wears thinner than the other. This will in due course cause the brake pedal to judder when the brakes are applied, as some fluid is pumped back into the master cylinder when the thick part is reached. When you go back to complain, they generally say the discs were crap /faulty/ cheap, and bung on a new pair. For my pains, I am a qualified NVQ assessor, and some of the workshop practice I see would make your hair curl! Mike
Brembo or Bendix/lucas - adverse camber
I dont know citroens so this may be a silly comment - but are there different callipers fitted? Sometimes different pads/disks are there for different spec cars having different components. certinly the case with our A4.
Brembo or Bendix/lucas - Shaz {p}
Thanks MarkH - although I have never seen a mechanic use anything of the sort - you are correct in the exuses they come up with....doesn't anyone do a proper job anymore?!


The front brakes did have two or even three different callipers fitted, but the rears are the same on the disc models, which is a relief - thats why I have to check the powersteering pump, as there were two of these too!

Here I was thinking it was only Citroen / Peugeot that changed their parts randomly - Audi do it too?
Brembo or Bendix/lucas - bignick
I think you will find most manufacturers use multiple suppliers for outsourced components. They claim its a way of keeping cost/price down as it prevents a single supplier being able to dictate to the manufacturer. Especially common on alternators/starters/brakes and similar relatively high priced items.

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