VW Passat 130 First Service - bhoy wonder
I have just booked my car in for its service at a vag dealer in Glasgow. Going to cost me £220 including vat (longlife service). Is this a reasonable price for a first service. Car is 18 months old with 16000 miles.
VW Passat 130 First Service - nortones2
That seems expensive for an "interval" service which is, I think, really just an oil and filter change. My local VW dealer charges £140 for the first, but £220 for the second service.
VW Passat 130 First Service - daveyjp
Similar cost to the A3 first service at 16,500 miles, but this did include replacing the pollen filter. Does your include this?
VW Passat 130 First Service - bhoy wonder
Yes they are replacing the pollen filter.
VW Passat 130 First Service - Brad
been quoted £380 for the second (33K) service.
VW Passat 130 First Service - mark
I have a 2001 Passat TDI PD the minor inspection service (this is an oil and filter change and a quick look around) which is the first one the car gets is about £130 at the VW dealers here in Cheshire. VW charge £230 for the main service without the pollen filter which then adds about another £35. These are variable costs not long life but include the very expensive (at VW) PD oil.

The independant I now use charges £110 for the minor and £180 for the major with PF (less if you just want it shaken out) and £20 for a brake fluid change. The independant uses OEM parts from GSF or Eurocar.

I did find the local Seat Dealer was between the 2 ranges of cost and used genuine VW parts.


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VW Passat 130 First Service - bhoy wonder
Car was serviced yesterday at Verve Glasgow (Dalmarnock Branch). As usual got the phone call to say that I needed new windscreen wipers, new bulb for tail light and my back pads have only about 3000 miles left. All of which I knew about as I checked the car before it went in. To my surprise these where only recommendation no mention that we can do these for you at xxx price. Also said car will not be ready at 13:00 as they had found a leak in my radiator and they where replacing it under warranty.

Went to collect the car and instead of being handed the keys and left to wander round trying to find the car as another extremely large VW dealers does at the other end of the city. Who I will never use again or any members of my family. I was asked to take a seat and a driver will bring it round to the front door.

As people are always downing VW main dealers I feel they did a very professional job.


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