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Hi posting this again to see if anybody knows about the Rover air flow meter. I got passed a quote fro dealership for a grand total of £335 for replacing air flow meter plus labour (and new air filter). I sourced a meter for £110 (compared to Rover's £180 before VAT). Just wondering about fitting the meter. Is it a serious job? Has anybody done this one themselves and have any tips? Does the ECU error message on next service make a difference to the running of the engine??
Rover 75 fitting air flow meter - adverse camber
You dont say which engine it is?

In general though fitting a maf (mass air flow) meter is straightforward. You can generally get either the full unit or just the probe. The problem you may have is that they sometimes use security fastenings and you may have to obtain the appropriate tool. As an example it cost me £6 for the tool needed on an audi a4 from a local motor factor and took all of 5 minutes for me to change it.

I dont know the rover engines but Im sure somebody will chip in with the specifics if you say which engine it is.
Rover 75 fitting air flow meter - tanvir

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