Good salesmen - Skoda and MINI - Avant
We hear so much, not least on this forum, about uslesss car sales staff, so let's hear it for the other side.

SWMBO and I had a happy morning today firstly trying an Octavia vRS (a possibly replacement in a few months if the B-class still fails to inspire affection) - Roy at Jacksons (Basingstoke) was an excellent salesman and gave us a good test run, knew his product and had the sense to tell us that there was a vRS 170 bhp diesel coming in September which might be worth waiting for. If I do go for a Skoda, Jackson will have the business: they did a far better quote than others I tried when considering an Octavia a few months ago and ended up with the German taxi.

Then Wood at Odiham was another very pleasant experience - for Stuart the sales manager too as he persuaded SWMBO to chop in her 2004 Civic for a new MINI.

Both garages are family-owned - I am sure this is significant. In fairness I should say that our experience of Marshall Honda and Greenoaks Mercedes, both in Reading, have so far been excellent, both for sales and service. Any deficiencies of the B-class are design faults and nothing to do with service or reliability.

Anyway I hope the above is helpful for anyone in this area thinking of a new car.
Good salesmen - Skoda and MINI - Pugugly {P}
The older (the ones that refused to cave in to VAG) Skoda dealers are excellent.

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