2004 Megane 1.5 dCi 100 - Xileno {P}
Almost on 20K now and as I shall shortly be passing this car on to the lady it seems a good time to review. Hopefully will be of use to others considering this car.

Things I like:

1. Great dCi engine. Always smooth, responsive and refined. Never failed to start, even when left for three weeks in well below zero temperatures. Worst MPG was 48, best 60, average 55. Quite linear in its power delivery, good punch of power from 1800rpm right through to 3500.

2. Panaroamic sunroof. I find being in other cars claustrophobic now, it adds light in the winter which is nice.

3. Keyless entry - brilliant. One day all cars will have this.

4. Very good seats, decent range of adjustments and very supportive. I have done 650 miles in a day in this car with no discomfort at all.

5. Sharp handling on 17'' alloys.

6. Air con works well, cools down rapidly.

7. That rear styling.

8. Huge glove box. You could fit another passenger in there...

9. Overall fit and finish is good, a huge improvement on previous Renaults.

10. Awesome brakes.

11. CD player and leather steering wheel.

12. Refined at motorway speed - useful in France.

Things I don't like:

1. Ride a bit fidgety on those fat 17'' wheels.

2. Auto wipers not sensitive enough in drizzle (apparently fixed on the 2006 model)

3. Changing the front bulbs. Grrr!!

4.A bit more attention need on some internal plastics, the heater controls feel a bit cheap as does the plastic surrounding the gear stick. But everything is well fitted and the upholstery is well finished and after 20K shows no signs of any wear at all.

5. Paint is soft and tyres don't last very long (seems to be an issue with other makes as well)

General comments:

Gearbox was a bit notchy to start with, but has loosened up nicely.
Clutch very light, would make a good car to learn to drive on.


It has always started and got me to where I want to go. Nothing has broken or fallen off. The only issue I have had was the sunroof that creaked in both hot and cold weather and occasionally got stuck (but never failed to close). The dealer adjusted the runners and it's been fine ever since. I suspect they've greased the runners since it opens and closes with more enthusiasm now. I got the impression that it was a known fault, although they didn't say as much. While it was in the dealer they checked the brake pedal pin as it's subject to a 'Product Enhancement'. Mine was ok but if it needs doing it's a four hour job, under warranty luckily.


I have enjoyed owning this car.
2004 Megane 1.5 dCi 100 - boxsterboy
Gald to hear you enjoyed it. How were the dealers?
2004 Megane 1.5 dCi 100 - Xileno {P}
I am lucky, there are three Renault dealers near me (all part of the same group) and also an independent Renault specialist. I have had good service from all of them. The main dealers are a bit pricey but very efficent and demonstrate good customer service.
2004 Megane 1.5 dCi 100 - Happy Blue!
What is remarkable is that in 1993 I got an Astra 1.6i that had 100bhp and it was considered fast for a non-GTi car. Now, a diesel 1.5 has 100bhp. Amazing.
2004 Megane 1.5 dCi 100 - Avant
Xileno - I hope you'll tell us what you get to replace the Megane. Anyone who loves 205 GRDs is worth listening to!

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