Megane 165 T - Xileno {P}
Does anyone have one of these? It seems to be a bit of a wolf in sheep's clothing. As discrete as a 1.4 but nice and fast. But not as OTT as the 225.
Megane 165 T - Xileno {P}
Seems these cars are as rare as hen's teeth. I have been looking for ages for an ex-demo but haven't found one yet. Might have to order a new one. If I get a 225 I am concerned it will get nicked.
Megane 165 T - Xileno {P}
Looks like I've got this thread all to myself...

Can't find a ex-demo so will have to buy new or get something else. I suppose the 165 is a bit of an oddball, bit OTT for everyday use but not fast enough for the hooligan RenaultSport mob.
Megane 165 T - Avant
I'll keep you company!

I'd love to go back to a Renault: I had 7 big family Ranaults in a row, all company cars, but since I've been in my current job (more salary but no car) the rate of depreciation has put me off. I'd be interested to know what you get for your current Megane when the time comes..

Is a 2.0 petrol 165 going to be very much livelier than a 1.9 DCI 130? I'm tempted to look at a Tourer with the engine and compare it with the current unloved Mercedes B-class. It's a lot cheaper but I wonder what I'd be losing.
Megane 165 T - Xileno {P}
You are very kind to keep me company.

I shall not be trading in the Megane, SWMBO wants to have it. I wonder what I should charge her ;-)
To be honest I am not bothered about depreciation, I often end up giving my cars away once I have finished with them. I gave my Laguna to my 18 year old godson, he is well pleased with it even though it was on 180K. I doubt the 165 is livlier in general driving but will have more power at the top end. However I would not get a 1.9dCi, the 2.0 dCi is the new Renault/Nissan unit out now and from what I've read it's a bit of a peach. Drove nicely in the new Laguna I tested, very quiet and unlike a lot of turbo diesels it will pull cleanly from idle.

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