1.4 civic swap for? - jammods
Starting a new job soon, looking to swap my 2001 Civic 1.4 for something with a bit more grunt and economy (diesel).

This is because I will be doing a 40 mile round trip daily.

I find the Civic to be poor economy 85 miles for £10 petrol, and on the motorway I always seem to be working hard just to keep up to speed.

In 3 years of motoring the Civic has never let me down, so I am looking for something equally reliable.

I have a Volvo v40 diesel in mind, and also a passat.

Estate would be nice, as would multiple airbags and automatic transmission.

Any suggestions for a vehicle around the £5k mark?
1.4 civic swap for? - y2k+4
Mondeo TDCi? Just to make a quick point about the 85 miles per £10/fuel. That's really not that bad - I get 320 to about £45 petrol and I'm in a 1.6 Focus.

Failing the Mondeo, I'd consider FIAT Stilo, possibly Multiwagon - the diesels are very good and it'll be relatively new and low miles compared to others. You'll get the safety kit, but I'm not so sure you could get the auto.

There are Lagunas knocking about as well, and the Dci is good. However, my friend who works for a car warranty company doesn't recommend the auto option - they frequently fial apparently.
1.4 civic swap for? - jammods
Cheers for the advice.

I think the Civic is doing about 36 mpg.

If I could get 50 mpg from a diesel then I'd be happy.
1.4 civic swap for? - 1066
i have a c-max 2.0tdci and i always get 40mpg around town and 55mpg at 75 on a motorway. at 60 it can manage 62mpg on a long run
1.4 civic swap for? - Happy Blue!
Is it really worth swapping cars for 14mpg. The saving will be modest and not worth the hassle of finding a newer car you don't know than staying with a reliable car you do know.

80 miles per working day is 20,000miles pa. 36mpg = 577gallons = 2,627 litres @ 91.9ppl = £2414pa petrol cost.

50mpg with diesel = 416 gallons = 1,891 litres @ 95.5ppl = £1,813pa fuel cost = a saving of £600pa.

Is it really worth it? I would say no. The saving would have to be at least £1200pa to make me change cars and probably more.

Espada III - well if you have a family and need a Lamborghini, what else do you drive?
1.4 civic swap for? - Happy Blue!
Just realised it's only 40 miles per day, so the annual saving is £300. Forget about changing cars!
Espada III - well if you have a family and need a Lamborghini, what else do you drive?
1.4 civic swap for? - jammods
Thanks I appreciate the maths!

Its not just the economy, its the fact I'd like something with a bit more behind it, possibly an estate and better safety features.

To put it into perspective I pay £100 per month for the loan on the civic until 2008, when it will be worth approx £1800-2000.

Alternatively I could sell the car now and have £500 left once the loan is settled. Take out another £5k five year loan, and have a newer vehicle.

Any comments on the maths for that?
1.4 civic swap for? - jammods
Following on from my post last night. Do I keep my reliable car for another 2 years then drive £6-7k car. Or get rid of it now and have £5k car?.

The figures are based on the fact that I am prepared to spend £100 per month on a car loan, and no more.
1.4 civic swap for? - y2k+4
The trouble is, with a £5k car, it's highly conceivable something could go wrong, and cost money. At least with your present car you know it's been looked after for it's recent history. For this reason if you were to get rid of it, I don't think I'd spend above £4,200 and I'd keep £800 back for any repairs that could come up.

But at this budget, could you actually get the car you would want? That's the real question, cause if you can't, then you'd be better saving up for the future when you can get a car you want.

Are there any cars that have actually caught your eye?
1.4 civic swap for? - jammods
mmm better the devil you know I suppose.

The cars which currently appeal are passats, v40's, laguna estates.

1.4 civic swap for? - y2k+4
One of the salesmen here ran a V40 1.9TD for 5 years, and 150,000 miles and it never objected once. Company got rid of it when he retired. Can't really comment on the Passat, but an uncle had a Laguna II estate thing, and it broke down twice - he got rid. We've also just got a bill for a company Laguna II 1.9dCi Dynamique hatch for £1600 for what seems to be a new coolant system, lots of new electrics (windows, sensors etc), a new fuel pump and various little things. It's only 4 years old with just 70,000 miles. So of them all, if you were to change, I'd say the V40.
1.4 civic swap for? - jammods
Cheers y2k+4......I have been searching through the threads on here, and although a certain person is happy with there laguna dci, others have expressed concerns regarding reliability.

Re. the V40 I dont think I'll get a particularly newer vehicle for my £5k as the civic is an '01 x plate.

I think I might just stick with the Honda for another couple of years. Unless I can get a great deal at auction or something.
1.4 civic swap for? - jammods
Have been looking into your suggestion of a Mondeo TDCi.

I have now decided that:

Option 1 - 02/52 Mondeo TDCi lx hatchback with high miles

Option 2 - 51/02 Laguna DCI Dynamique Est. with high miles

I have seen both these cars for sale for 4k with approx 100k on the clock. Usually ex company with FSH.

The plan is to get either of these keep for one year (might not even have to service Laguna as 18k service intervals), and review my needs maybe sell and get similar or keep if its been reliable.

This will leave me with 1-1.5k in the bank gaining interest if I dont need it, but there if I do.

Sounds good to me, any reason why not?
1.4 civic swap for? - bell boy
well option 1 sounds ok if car looks and drives right :)
cant say for the other one at 100,00 as ive just fallen off my chaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiir..............................buuuuuuuuuuuuumpppp
1.4 civic swap for? - Xileno {P}
After reading the OP I believe he should keep what he's got.

If you want something as reliable as a Honda Civic, then that probably means another Honda...
Your fuel saving by going diesel could be easily wiped out if you get some nasty bills, which is a possibility on a car 100K plus.
1.4 civic swap for? - bell boy
I quite agree Xileno {P} and its already been suggested further up but OP wants something more round him he says,wonder if my idea of 550x12 mini tyres i suggested earlier this week would go down well?
1.4 civic swap for? - jammods
Good idea!

1.4 civic swap for? - NowWheels
After reading the OP I believe he should keep what he's got.
If you want something as reliable as a Honda Civic, then
that probably means another Honda...

Or something else Japanese, but no German tat. Nissan Primera, perhaps?
1.4 civic swap for? - Group B
I understand what you're saying about the Civic on the motorway, Jammods. I used to have a Mk3 Golf which was underpowered with only 75bhp. It was frustrating and therefore tiring to drive on the motorway, with a lack of power to overtake or maintain speed up hills. And the low-ish gearing meant that at high speed the fuel economy suffered. I had previously owned more powerful cars; I got the Golf and it was adequate for town driving, but then I moved to Nottingham and started commuting 50 miles per day.
These sorts of cars may be fine for pottering around in and the odd motorway jaunt now and again, but for day-in-day-out motorway driving they are no good IMHO. After the Golf I got a £200 Saab 9000 as a temporary car, and it was vastly superior on the motorway (longer wheelbase, plenty more power, higher gearing, much more relaxing to drive) to the £1500 Golf. Well yes just about anything would be!
1.4 civic swap for? - daiking
These sorts of cars may be fine for pottering around in
and the odd motorway jaunt now and again, but for day-in-day-out
motorway driving they are no good IMHO.

Sorry, would have to disagree with that. I've done 45K miles in a little over 2 years in a S-reg 1.4 ibiza - only 60hp and thats been mostly motorway miles. Most small cars are perfectly able to cruise at illegal speeds without any trouble, even uphill. The problem is when owners expect them to perform schumacher-esque overtaking maneouvres. And when I've driven other cars - new civic, new passat - on long journeys, I've been disappointed because I've wanted it to be a huge improvement and more relaxing but its not. Now if you said driving high motorway miles in small cars is bad for the car's health then I might have to agree with you...

As to jammods problem, I went through the same thoughts. Should I buy a new more comfortable and economical car for the 90 mile commute or run my ibiza that I'd already finished the finance on. I decided that "free motoring" at 40mpg in the ibiza was cheaper than 60mpg in a new car costing hundreds of pounds a month. Better the devil you know and all that, you've got more reason to expect the civic will be reliable than about anything else on the road. I lost the use of my car for a week on 2 occassions due to major mechanical problems.

If you really do want to upgrade, I'd look at getting something a bit newer with a year or 2 of warranty left like a nearly new 1.6 petrol focus or 1.8 mondeo but that's pushing the budget over the £8K region or more for a diesel. Just my humble opinion of course.
1.4 civic swap for? - Avant
Why not look out for a 1.6 Civic that you can afford?

It shouldn't use much iof any more petrol as you won't need to put your foot to the floor all the time to get decent performance.

There's also a 1.7 diesel Civic but I believe these are a little underpowered.

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