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Recently purchased a 2000 vectra. Had a battery changed since then. Now I can't get the tape player to work, due to the fact I don't have the code for the system. Other than going to the vaxhall dealer and paying the price do I have any other option?
vectra radio codes - Dynamic Dave
do I have any other option?


1. Remove stereo and see if previous owner wrote it down on the casing of the stereo.

2. Replace with another stereo of your choice.

3. Look on EBAY for unlocking services - you'll need the serial No. of the stereo for them to be able to do it.

4. A good ICE (In Car Entertainment) shop *may* be able to help you.

5. You could try asking over on
vectra radio codes - chairmanmatt
Thanks for your suggestion. I'm contemplating just putting a new CD player in so I don't have hastle in the future. The only thing is I have a CD changer in the glovebox and presume this, nor the steering wheel controls will work with a new system.

Cheers anyway.
vectra radio codes - Dynamic Dave
Er, more bad news for you. The glovebox CD player has it's own separate code which is different to the dash stereo one. So it won't work with another stereo unless you have the code.

You can get adapters that can make use of the steering wheel controls, and the separate radio display.

It may well be worth your while to apply to Vauxhall for the car's "Pass Card" which will have all the relevant codes for your car. Can't remember the exact price, but it'll somewhere around £30.

Or try the link I posted above and see if one of the guys on that site can help you with their unlocking software.
vectra radio codes - chairmanmatt
Appreciate the help Dave
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i had to get a code for my astra and went a vauxhall dealer with the car and my log book and they charged me about £5 to get the code from vauxhall and then rang me when they got it took three days no probs
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Do you know the original supplying dealer?

My Vectra still had the supplying dealers name on the number plates, I called them up and they had a record of the numbers on the original pass card. I was able to get them to disclose the numbers to me after I faxed them a copy of my updated log book showing me as owner / keeper.

Most helpful! They could so easily just have charged me for the pass card.
vectra radio codes - chairmanmatt
I've spoken to the local Vauhall garage and they can do everything for £22. Seems reasonable enough for me, although I do have to wait a couple of days.

Cheers Vern

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