Fiesta water leak - mikem
Can anyone suggest a method of tracing how water could be finding its way into a Mk 4 (X reg) Fiesta boot please? The water settles at what appears to be the lowest point; the recess for the bolt that releases the spare wheel carrier, therefore that area is showing some surface rust. However, it's not clear whether the water is getting in at that point also, or just finding its way there from somewhere else. The car has been through a carwash recently and no water got in then, leading me to think that it's being thrown up from the back wheels and somehow getting in. The boot interior is in good condition without any rust holes, etc - just damp carpets!
All help appreciated. Cheers.
Fiesta water leak - bell boy
where the seal is at the top of the tailgate check this and check the drain holes in the tailgate.
fiesta"s are usually water tight in the tailgate area ,no accident damage or replaced rear lights lately?
Fiesta water leak - Screwloose

The best way to find the point of entry is to remove all the trim and dust the surface with ordinary talcum powder. Then, when the water appears in the well, just retrace it's track in the powder.
Fiesta water leak - mikem
Thanks Oldman & Screwloose - much appreciated and will give these a try.

Fiesta water leak - van man
check the rear light seals mate we replace lots of them they are prone to leak especially if lights have been removed before,,,
Fiesta water leak - mikem
Thanks for that - will do.


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