306 exhaust/inlet manifold - scfc_151
ive noticed that my car (pug 306 1.9 td) has lost some turbo power. I think that the exaust is blowing a bit around the manifold. I just wondered if anybody had done this job for any tips. Ive just renewed the back box so i wish id have known earlier about this to do it at the same time.

Haynes say to do the exhaust and inlet manifold at the same time. Will this solve the problem? Thanks
306 exhaust/inlet manifold - dieselhead
I removed the engine mounting bolt near the sump and top engine mount near cam pulley and jacked the engine up to get enough access. If i remember correctly the inlet manifold is removed first then the turbo/exhaust manifold can be removed from the top (after disconnecting turbo oil feed at engine block). Also helps to wedge a lump of wood near the bulkhead to push the engine forward as far as possible. Hope this helps.
306 exhaust/inlet manifold - autumnboy
If the exhaust is blowing at the joint where the down pipe conects to the manifold, I don't think this why you have a loss of boost. I've just done mine on a Citroen 1.9td, same engine. The gasket is a wire meshed type gasket, you will need a deep 10mm socket plus extensions and a spanner. Best to put it onto ramps to access the connection with ease, done totally from underneath.

The first thing to check would be all the hoses and connections from the Turbo to the Intercooler that have not blown off or splits/cracks, then the Intercooler to the inlet manifold and then the inlet manifold to the Cylinder head. If any of these are at fault you will lose the boost pressure.
306 exhaust/inlet manifold - scfc_151
apparantly my local parts shop said that the inlet manifold and exhaust gasket need doing together. I get a slight rumbling sound when i accelerate thats why i thought it could be a leak. Could it be the inlet manifold leaking from the cylinder head?

I think all the pipes are fine.

306 exhaust/inlet manifold - RichardW
Yes, the inlet / exhaust share a gasket, however, it's very unlikely to be leaking unless it's been disturbed. Changing it in situ will be pig awkward (to say the least!). If you really think you've got a boost leak I would whip the intercooler off and change the rubber seal between it and the inlet manifold - this is a much more likely place for a leak. Not sure what you mean by a rumbling? A boost leak will be heard as a hissing sound, worse when accelerating hard above 2.5k rpm, or working the engine hard up hill in a similar rev range. A rumble is more likely to be a bearing - the intermediate bearing on the RH drive shaft is a good candidate, as are wheel bearings, and possible diff bearings if it's done stellar miles.

Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....
306 exhaust/inlet manifold - scfc_151
Thanks for the reply Richard as youve helped me with the rear suspension mounts before. By 'rumbling' i mean a low pitched sound on acceleration like an exhaust blowing. Sorry its a bit vague.

I do have a problem with the drivers side drive shaft though. A few months back comming onto the m6 north bound from the m56 as its a funny bend with an adverse cambre the drive shaft started nocking very loud. When i got home and looked the inner cv joint casing had come off and splattered grease everywhere. I cleaned it up and packed it again but the garage reconed the tripod joint had popped out and was grinding. Anyway this has been fine ever since bar the odd knocking when going over funny bumps.

I thought that a leak from that manifold may be attributed to the noise and loss of turbo. The noise does sound like its comming from the front end but more central than drive shaft.

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