1999 Astra alarm problems - barchettaman
Morning all,
The Astra has blotted its copybook by developing an alarm problem.
After a run with the aircon on, when the car is subsequently parked up the alarm goes off after a few minutes.
I had this problem last summer, and traced it (I thought) to the recirculation button on the ventilation being on. Ensuring it was parked with the recirc off solved the problem.
This year though it has started to go off regardless of the recirc setting.
I can get round the problem by leaving a window slightly open - but Mrs B has a habit of forgetting to do this, leading to alarm blaring, angry neighbours etc etc.

Could it have something to do with the pressure sensor being triggered inside the car? Is there anything I can do to ´desensitize´ it?

Thanks in advance,
1999 Astra alarm problems - bell boy
i read on another forum that it may well be due to internal watch type batteries in the alarm itself that go dead and need replacing,or was i dreaming?
1999 Astra alarm problems - barchettaman
That was mentioned, but for a different problem with the Omega. I will check at the garage anyhow if noone has any experience with these symptons. Cheers Oldman.
1999 Astra alarm problems - Screwloose

Oldman has it dead right. If you've got a... "Power Sounder" [oh, wow!] alarm siren fitted, it's internal ni-cads are about shot by now and they often do this. It's hidden under the N/S/F wing and they'll have plenty of new ones in stock at your dealer. Might need coding-in with an appropriate scanner - or might not.

Or you might be able to open up the old one and solder in some fresh cells from Maplins.
1999 Astra alarm problems - Dynamic Dave
Before the power sounder back up batteries give up the ghost you should get a warning consisting of 4 beeps from the power sounder every time you turn off the ignition.

The following site gives details of where the power sounder is and how to replace the batteries. Unfortunately the link won't take you directly to the relevant info - you'll have to scroll down to "In The Wheel Arches" and 'How To'..... Replace the Power Sounder.


BUT before going down this route, check the pin switch under the bonnet hasn't been knocked out of alignment. It is the usual culprit for false alarms, especially in the summer when the heat makes the bonnet expand and not push the pin switch down properly.
1999 Astra alarm problems - barchettaman
Thanks again guys - I will check all that.
Best wishes,
1999 Astra alarm problems - barchettaman
I wasn´t getting the 4 beep warning from the power sounder, but it turned out that it was the cause.
The garage took it out - problem solved.
Cheers again for the advice.

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