Landy vs Caddy! - aaflyer
Ladies and Gentlemen, I put before you a case involving the tussle today between a Landy and a Caddy. The case involves me (Caddy driver) going round a roundabout for the third exit. Right indicator going and then left going after second exit.

Notice a grey Landy in my side mirror coming from second exit and also indicating left and accelerating hard. Bit dangerous for me to squeeze across in front, so I take the outside lane of third exit - a short sliproad to motorway. Ok so far you say. All's great. I accelerate to try to match the speed of the motorway traffic.

Landy man tries to undertake on the left. Fair enough, let him blast on ahead if his motor's got the grunt - but a little dangerous as we're near the bottom of the sliproad! He draws a little closer in the left lane, but can't seem to get past me. I'm not accelerating now as I can see the left lane is clear. Suddenly he's all lights, hands, the lot! What's he want me to do? I cannot now pull over to the left and he's been tight behind me all the way down! He then floors it and tries to get in front of me at the sliproad/motorway junction. I slow for both our sakes, but again he seems hesitant..!

Why can drivers not wait just another five or ten seconds. Or is it just a Landy-man thing!!? I feel that the Caddy can win the case. I was sensitive and tried to do the decent thing and let him pass. Any one disagree - am I missing something?
Landy vs Caddy! - Pugugly {P}
You're not missing anything. It's not a Landie thing, they are generally chilled out to the nth degree.
Landy vs Caddy! - blue_haddock
I feel that the
Caddy can win the case.

Tell you what - your caddy versus my landie and lets see who wins!
Landy vs Caddy! - Adam {P}
You've no idea what kind of Caddy it is yet!
Landy vs Caddy! - blue_haddock
Well it's either a VW caddy or some kind of golf caddy.

And unless he uses a Hummer on his daily 18 holes i still fancy my chances!
Landy vs Caddy! - Adam {P}

I knew I should have had a lie in today. I assumed Caddy as in Cadillac.

I actually thought about making a Golf Caddy joke but overlooked the VW one!

I'll just....go now.
Landy vs Caddy! - Big Bad Dave
I thought he meant tea caddy
Landy vs Caddy! - aaflyer
That'll do: let the race begin, B_H!!

Landy vs Caddy! - aaflyer
What sort of Caddy is it?: 2004 standard job - firm's van.

At the moment, though, the van stinks when you use the screenwash (Halford's pink stuff, the two-for-one @£4.99 job). I topped up the reservoir that had had Halford's blue screenwash in it. Now there's an oily, ammonia-like smell (and no, it isn't me!) when it's used. Any suggestions short of emptying the reservoir by continual squirting (leave crude jokes there!)

Landy vs Caddy! - Sofa Spud
Generally Land Rovers tend to be well driven - I mean the traditional Defender types, rather than Discos, Freelanders etc.

I wonder if it has anything to do with their drivers' awareness of how close their head is to the windscreen, side window and various bits of bare metal!!!
Landy vs Caddy! - Pugugly {P}
Discos, Freelander I forgot they were also Landies !
Passive danger of any sort does tend to make you have a particular view of the world drivingwise, also on any vintage of Defender you're also aware that all the bits only stay together in one package because of the way you treat them.


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