Seeking Skoda Fabia Catalytic Converter - bunnybear
Hi all!

Can anyone please lead me in the right direction for good deals on a new catalytic converter for a Skoda Fabia 1.4 16v (02 reg)?

Our local Skoda dealer has quoted a whopping £690 for a 'supply and fit'. Sounds more than a little steep to me!!!

Many thanks, in advance!
Seeking Skoda Fabia Catalytic Converter - bell boy
the exhaust rule deferral has been put back to october so no matter what the dealer may tell you you can still fit a non approved one until then.
if you intend keeping car for a few years why not source a s/h one from a decent late car breaker £75 sounds fair,why does car need new one anyway?
Seeking Skoda Fabia Catalytic Converter - NowWheels
The Ka is only a 3-door, and I'm not sure that a 3-door car is a good idea for someone of that age.

Disadvantages of a 3-door:

* In a car park, you can't open the door as far before you hit the car beside you

* You have to reach back behind the line of the seatback to get the seatbelt

* the door is heavier and harder to handle

* If you're not very agile, putting shopping on the back seat is easy if you have 5 doors, but very difficult with three.

Five doors=much better
Seeking Skoda Fabia Catalytic Converter - NowWheels
the exhaust rule deferral

what exhaust rule deferral?

(Sorry, prev post was a cut-and-paste error)
Seeking Skoda Fabia Catalytic Converter - JohnM{P}
My local independant sourced a 'reconditioned' one for my Passat TDi, from my local VW dealer (I heard the telephone conversation) at a much cheaper price. Is there a VW specialist near you, or a long-established (pre VAG/smaller) Skoda dealer near you that you could try?
Seeking Skoda Fabia Catalytic Converter - AndyT
Seem to be a lot cheaper here.

Either £139 or £230, or maybe both... There's two part no's listed for the 1.4, depending on the engine code.
Seeking Skoda Fabia Catalytic Converter - mikeyb
I guess the car is about 12 months out of warranty? Did you buy it new? Whats the mileage? If you are the original owner and the mileage is lowish then you may get a goodwill gesture from Skoda if you ask. A colleague had a cat fail on an Audi A4 - 4 years old, 75K. Expressed his iritation at main dealer who supplied the car, who also agreed with him, and contacted Audi on his behalf. New one was fitted FOC.

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