Leaky mondeo again... - plant1983
My mondeo hatchback (w reg, no sunroof) is still letting water into the boot despite me having the rear lights re-sealed. Just found out because of the tropical storm we are having in the sunny south east...

Does anyone have any idea as to where else the water could be coming in from?
It appears that the water's still coming through the where the lights are.

I've only had the car a few months and seeing as I carry alot of expensive musical equipment in the boot this is a right nuisance.

Cheers for any help.
Leaky mondeo again... - plant1983

Leaky mondeo again... - Galaxy
I have to ask the question exactly how were the rear light seals repaired?

The reason for asking this is because I know from my own experience that adding sealer on top of the existing seals doesn't do the job. The old seals have to be removed and thrown away; they will never be any use again in the future.

Having tried to reseal my rear lights by just putting new sealer on top of the old seal, I then had to do the job again because this didn't work. The second attempt consisted of completely removing the old seals and then producing a very thick bead of sealer from a cartridge gun. It's a while ago now but I think I seem to remember putting two layers on to make the seal thick enough. I then waited a short while for the sealer to begin to set and then fixed the rear lights back into the car.

Touch wood, my rear lights haven't leaked since, though I must say that I wouldn't exactly relish the job of having to remove them again after all that silicone sealer has set.

It's a great pity that Ford don't supply the rear light seals as spare parts. You could always fit two new rear light clusters, I suppose, which come complete with seals but that would be a very expensive fix.

If I had to do the job again i think I might use mastic sealer strip instead, which can be obtained from a caravan shop.

I seem to remember that you posted a few weeks ago about this and other problems. Out of interest I just wondered how you got on?
Leaky mondeo again... - plant1983

Hi galaxy cheers for the info and advice.
I'm not too sure how they re-sealed the lights but when i take the car back to them on saturday i'll definately mention the technique you used. Having had a look at the back of the lights they seemed to have applied a very thin layer of sealent so that may be the problem.

The other problems I've had have been nothing but very minor irritations that really take the fun out of owning a car;

1 - Slow puncture on front drivers side tyre. A new valve (rubber) seems to have sorted this out.

2 - Minor clunking coming from front end when going over very light bumps. Replaced the link rod arms(??? I think that's what they are called but the garage didn't seem to sure) Whatever they have done has cured this problem.

3 - Remote fuel flap refusing to open which meant I had to drive home from petrol station to get a screw driver to remove carpet boot panel and use the emergency release. I fiddled withe spring in flap itself and it seems to be working again now.

4 - The leaky boot and resulting smell!!

5 - Remote locking only works when it feels like it despite the system being "thoroughly checked over and repaired" before I picked the car up. (It wasn't working at all when I first went to view the car)

On the plus side the car is great to drive especially on the motorway, got lovely aircon, good stereo and loads of space.


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